Chapter 01: My First Adventure

This chapter was originally two very different episodes.

Egypt, May 1908, or The Curse of the Jackal, Part 1

This episode was originally the first half of the two-part pilot, "The Curse of the Jackal" which was scored by Lawrence Rosenthal. None of this episode's score by has been released.

See the Curse of the Jackal page for more information.

Tangiers 1908

None of this episode's score by Laurence Rosenthal has been released.

DVD Start DVD End Composer Source Length Title Notes
??? ??? Rosenthal My First Adventure Ocean Liner Crossing Atlantic (Alternate) DVD edit, replaces CotJ Bookend A
Rosenthal Partial: Passion for Life DVD Credits 0:33-0:59 0:06:58 Museum / Princeton Includes CotJ Bookend A
Rosenthal Partial: My First Adventure DVD Credits (0:00-0:33, 0:33-1:06) LIJ1 RA_CAIRO_STREETS_C_QUI (2:13) 0:11:52 Cairo / Pyramids / Ned
Rosenthal 0:01:29 Nile Journey
Rosenthal 0:01:23 The Curse
Rosenthal 0:12:51 Entering The Tomb / Murder / The Jackal
Rosenthal 0:05:44 Mystery Solved
Rosenthal DVD
??? ??? Rosenthal DVD 0:01:07 End Credits DVD