Chapter 03: The Perils of Cupid

This chapter was originally two separate episodes:

Vienna, November 1908

This episode's score is represented by 5 tracks (over 19 minutes) on the Volume 2 soundtrack.

02. Indy And The Princess (6:13)
03. Skating In The Prater (1:50)
04. The Poetry Lesson (3:42)
05. Outfoxing The Fox (3:17)
06. Sophie's Chamber (4:12)

The source music used in the Archduke's palace is also used in the Staff of Kings games.

Florence, May 1908

None of this episode's score by Laurence Rosenthal has been released. The end credits of the DVD re-use the score from a scene within the episode.

DVD StartDVD EndComposerSourceLengthTitleCatalogNotes
--------RosenthalTV Broadcasts / Euro VHS / Japan Laser Disc???Dr. Carol SchultzBookend A
??????RosenthalOST#20:06:10Indy and the Princess
??????RosenthalOST#20:01:49Skating in the Prater
??????RosenthalOST#20:03:40The Poetry Lesson
0:12:490:14:37RosenthalOST#2 The Poetry Lesson 1:48-3:410:01:48The Poetry Lesson
0:29:190:31:05RosenthalSOK mumenu_d (Wii), INDY_843 (PS2)0:02:29"Archduke's Palace" (background/source music)
??????RosenthalOST#20:03:16Outfoxing the Fox
0:40:100:43:15RosenthalOST#2 Sophie's Chamber 0:00-3:050:04:08Sophie's Chamber
--------RosenthalTV Broadcasts / Euro VHS / Japan Laser Disc???That's Another StoryBookend B
??????RosenthalTV Broadcasts / Euro VHS / Japan Laser Disc0:00:41Skating the Prater (End Credits)ASCAP 490749483End Credits TV
--------TV Bookend Opening0:00:50Mimi & the Pool Table ChallengeBookend A
0:43:040:45:20Rosenthal0:02:16Your Other Half
0:45:200:46:14Rosenthal0:00:54Ought To Make the Best of It
0:46:140:47:160:01:02The Cradle of ArtPuccini???
0:48:090:50:13Puccini0:02:04La Bohème (Medley)Pieces of Act 1 + Act 4
0:50:270:51:240:00:57Introducing Mrs. Anna JonesPuccini???
0:52:300:52:500:00:20Come Towards Each Other
0:52:510:54:07PucciniDVD End Credits 0:00-1:200:01:16La Bohème (Excerpt 4A) / Attraction is a Law of PhysicsPiece of Act 4
0:54:070:57:25Rosenthal?0:02:46Take Good Care of Your MotherPeking cues?
0:57:250:57:59PucciniTV End Credits0:00:34La Bohème (Excerpt 4B)Piece of Act 4
0:57:590:58:28Norworth/Tilzer0:00:29Take Me Out To The Ball Game
0:58:291:00:380:02:09Galileo Was RIght
1:00:381:01:19PucciniDVD End Credits0:00:41La Bohème (Excerpt 4A)Piece of Act 4
1:01:191:02:030:00:44An Artist Is...
1:02:031:02:42PucciniDVD End Credits0:00:39La Bohème (Excerpt 4A)Piece of Act 4
1:02:421:03:240:00:46Woman Singing
1:03:241:04:050:00:41All The Flowers in Florence
1:04:051:04:29Puccini0:00:24Madame Butterfly (Excerpt 1)Piece of Act 3
1:05:031:06:450:01:42Who Feels the Music
1:06:451:07:48Puccini0:01:03Madame Butterfly (Excerpt 2)Piece of which Act?
1:07:491:08:480:00:59Henry is EcsaticPuccini???
1:08:481:16:540:08:06We Are Connected / We Are In Florence
1:16:541:17:49Puccini0:00:55Madame Butterfly (Excerpt 3)Piece of Act 3?
1:17:501:20:350:00:55Tante Grazie
1:20:361:23:470:03:11Galileo's Telescope
1:26:021:27:46Puccini0:01:44La Bohème (Excerpt 4C)Piece of Act 4
1:27:471:29:270:01:40Momentous Decision
1:29:271:31:13Rosenthal0:01:46Oh, Henry!
1:31:131:31:370:00:24Common Cues
--------TV Bookend Closing0:00:25Pool Shark IndyBookend B
--------PucciniTV End Credits0:00:39La Bohème (Excerpt 4B)End Credits TV
1:31:371:33:00PucciniDVD End Credits0:01:23La Bohème (Excerpt 4A)End Credits DVD