Chapter 06: Spring Break Adventure

This chapter was originally two very separate episodes.

Princeton, February 1916

This episode's score by Laurence Rosenthal is represented by 3 tracks (15 minutes of music) on the Volume 3 soundtrack.

26. Princeton Days (5:09)
27. Tom Swift and His Electric Runabout (7:03)
28. The Senior Prom (2:47)

Mexico, March 1916, or The Curse of the Jackal, Part 2

The continuation of the Curse of the Jackal score by Laurence Rosenthal has never been released.

The Best of the West CD contains a re-recording of part of the score (a night scene in Pancho Villa's camp).

15. Die Abenteuer Des Jungen Indianer Jones (The Adventure of Young Indiana Jones) (3:25)

See the Curse of the Jackal page for more information.

(Artwork: Promotional poster, from drawings by Drew Struzan,

DVD StartDVD EndComposerSourceLengthTitleCatalogNotes
--------RosenthalTV Broadcasts0:01:13Why So Big?Bookend A - '50s rock & roll instrumental with saxophone
0:03:20RosenthalOST#3 Princeton Days (partial)Soda FountainSabam 12310602
??????RosenthalOST#30:05:07Princeton Days
RosenthalOST#30:07:01Tom Swift and his Electric Runabout100% IDENTIFIED
RosenthalOST#3 Tom Swift and his Electric Runabout (0:00-0:51)0:00:51They've Stolen the Plans!
Rosenthal0:00:52Quick, The Baby is Burping?
RosenthalOST#3 Tom Swift and his Electric Runabout (0:52-1:05)0:00:13Here Comes Edison
Rosenthal0:00:40The President Must Be Told
RosenthalOST#3 Tom Swift and his Electric Runabout (1:06-2:16)0:01:10Van Hoecht's Poultry FarmGEMA 12861109-001, Sabam 19536485
Rosenthal0:00:41It's the Van!
RosenthalOST#3 Tom Swift and his Electric Runabout (2:17-2:46)0:00:29You Have the Most Beautiful Hands
Rosenthal0:02:47Thompson's Rescue
RosenthalOST#3 Tom Swift and his Electric Runabout (2:46-3:49)0:01:03The Incandescent Lightbulb
Rosenthal0:01:08High Tide Today is at 5 PMTV Broadcast is 10 secs. longer
--------Rosenthal0:00:58Class DetentionTV Broadcast ONLY
Rosenthal0:03:23On the Beach
Rosenthal0:01:25I've Worked It OutGEMA 12861110-001, Sabam 19536486
Rosenthal0:03:40Oil RefineryGEMA 12861111-001, Sabam 19536487
RosenthalOST#3 Tom Swift and his Electric Runabout (3:50-END)0:03:12Escape from the Oil RefineryGEMA 12861112-001, Sabam 19536488GEMA "Oil Escape"
??????RosenthalOST#30:02:46The Senior Prom
--------RosenthalOST#3 The Senior Prom (2:27-END)0:00:19Tallest Car TaleBookend B
--------RosenthalTV Broadcasts0:00:41Soda Fountain (End Credits)ASCAP 490743729End Credits TV
Rosenthal0:00:57Museum Part 2CotJ Bookend B
Rosenthal0:01:26Drive Southa.k.a. Cousin Frank
Rosenthal0:01:38Columbus Raid
Rosenthal0:01:29Dress ChaseModified Young Indy theme
Rosenthal0:02:50Pancho Villa / Remy
Rosenthal0:01:49Airplane Attack
RosenthalPartial: Best of the West (re-recording)0:06:27Army Camp / Indy Joins The Revolution
Rosenthal0:00:55Demitrius Found
Rosenthal0:02:49Cantina - Patton
Rosenthal0:09:14The Train / City Attack / Retreat
Rosenthal0:01:05Escape / Search Called Off / The Camp
Rosenthal0:00:25Jose's Death
Rosenthal0:01:48Hearst Hacienda / Silent Movie
Rosenthal0:04:56News Reel / Chicken Lesson / Letter From Ned
Rosenthal0:01:14Remy and Indy Plan
Rosenthal0:06:32Recovery of the Jackal / Sunrise Meeting / Museum Part 3Includes CotJ Bookend C a.k.a. Resting Place of the Jackal
--------RosenthalTV Broadcasts / Euro VHS0:00:56Pyramids Dress Chase (End Title)ASCAP 558020416End Credits TV
--------RosenthalTV Broadcasts / Euro VHS0:00:55Young Indy Theme (Dress Chase) (End Title)End Credits DVD