Chapter 09: Demons of Deception

This chapter was originally two separate episodes:

Verdun, September 1916

This episode's stellar and haunting score by Joel McNeely is represented by 7 tracks totaling over 17 minutes on the Volume 1 soundtrack. 

02. Remembering Verdun (1:40)
03. Race To The Front (1:05)
04. The Retreat (1:43)
05. Visiting Remy (4:11)
06. Aerial Pursuit (2:40)
07. Nocturnal Mission (2:36)
08. Requiem (3:30)

In addition, at least two minutes of unreleased music is used in the LEGO Indiana Jones games.

Paris, October 1916

This episode's score by Joel McNeely is represented by 8 tracks totaling nearly 18 minutes on the Volume 1 soundtrack.

13. Arrival In Paris (2:00)
14. Afternoon Tea (2:51)
15. Breakfast With Mata (2:15)
16. Mozart: Viola Quintet In G Minor (2:45)
17. Parisian Stroll (1:42)
18. Still Life (2:04)
19. L'Affaire d'Amour (2:13)
20. Lover's Farewell (2:09)

Slightly less than one minute of unreleased music is used in the Interactive Timeline feature on the DVD boxed set Bonus Discs.

DVD StartDVD EndComposerSourceLengthTitleCatalogNotes
--------McNeelyOST#1 Remembering Verdun @ 0:00-END0:01:40Remembering VerdunBookend A
0:00:230:01:20McNeelyOST#1 Requiem (3:26) @ 2:21-END0:00:57Requiem (3:26)minor edit at end
0:01:200:01:38McNeelyOST#1 Aerial Pursuit (2:40) @ 0:02-0:200:00:18Aerial Pursuit (2:40)
0:01:380:02:06McNeelyOST#1 Race to the Front (1:04) @ 0:31-END0:00:30Race to the Front (1:04)
0:02:070:02:33McNeely0:00:32Delivering the Reportsnare drums, horns
0:02:340:03:33McNeelyLIJ2 5_0_SouthAmericaHub_Qui (1:54) @ 0:00-1:080:00:59Discretionslightly edited
0:03:340:06:18McNeely0:03:16Planning the AttackDO WE HAVE THIS SOMEWHERE???
0:06:180:07:14McNeelyOST#1 Race to the Front (1:04) @ 0:00-END0:01:04Race to the Front
0:08:000:10:07McNeely0:02:11Major Gastonhorns and choir at end
0:11:360:13:21McNeelyOST#1 The Retreat @ 0:00-END0:01:43The RetreatSabam 19536360minor edits at end
0:13:560:14:38Mozart0:00:42Rondo No. 1 in D Major, K. 485Diegetic (piano)
0:15:050:15:33Mozart0:00:27Rondo No. 1 in D Major, K. 485Diegetic (piano)
0:17:320:21:40McNeelyOST#1 Visiting Remy @ 0:00-END0:04:10Visiting Remy
0:21:400:24:24McNeelyOST#1 Aerial Pursuit (2:40) @ 0:00-END0:02:40Aerial Pursuit (2:40)minor edit TV/DVD version is longer
0:26:500:28:07McNeelyLIJ2 5_0_SouthAmericaHub_Qui (1:54) @ 0:00-1:110:01:11I Speak GermanGEMA 12861108-001, Sabam 19536484same as Hawkmen "Richthofen's Prisoners/Just Paint It"
0:29:100:31:40McNeelyOST#1 Nocturnal Mission @ 0:00-END0:02:36Nocturnal Mission
0:31:400:32:37McNeely0:00:57Big Berthaquiet, growing
0:32:370:32:46McNeelyOST#1 Aerial Pursuit (2:40) @ 1:16-1:250:00:09Explosion!
0:32:560:33:38McNeelyLIJ1 TD_BATTLEONTHEBRIDGE_D_ACT (1:19) @ 0:11-0:490:00:42Return from the Missionsame as RA Cafe Raven D Act
0:33:390:34:02McNeelyHow Did It Go?
0:35:500:37:29McNeelyOff To The Front Againquiet horns, variations on other themes
0:38:500:39:48McNeelyCall Off The Attackpiano, swelling to variations
0:40:400:43:06McNeelyResume The Attackslow, horns and rolling drums
0:43:080:45:26McNeelyOST#1 Requiem (3:26) @ 0:00-2:200:02:22Requiem (3:26)
--------McNeelyOST#1 Requiem (3:26) @ 2:21-END0:01:03Requiem (3:26)Bookend B
--------McNeelyTV Broadcasts / Euro VHS / Japan Laser Disc0:00:32(approx) End Credits TV
0:46:500:47:37McNeely0:00:47Vive le SportLinking Segment; slower version of "Arrival in Paris" + more
--------McNeelyTV Broadcasts / Japan Laser Disc???Tabloid Gossip 1Bookend A
0:47:370:49:32???OST#1 Arrival in Paris @ 0:00-END0:01:59Arrival in Paris (1:59)
0:49:330:52:19McNeelyOST#1 Afternoon Tea @ 0:00-END0:02:50Afternoon Tea (2:50)
0:52:190:53:57MozartOST#1 Viola Quintet in G Minor (Mozart) @Viola Quintet in G Minor (Mozart) (2:44)
0:53:570:54:44???classical piece
0:54:440:55:02McNeely0:00:18Surprising Mata Hari
0:55:020:57:19MozartOST#1 Viola Quintet in G Minor (Mozart) @Viola Quintet in G Minor (Mozart) (2:44)
0:57:190:57:38???OST#1 Arrival in Paris @
0:57:380:59:56McNeely0:02:18Suite 24
1:02:071:04:13McNeelyOST#1 Breakfast With Mara @ 0:00-END0:02:09Breakfast With Mata (2:13)
1:04:141:05:50McNeelyOST#1 Parisian Stroll @ 0:00-END0:01:40Parisian Stroll (1:40)
1:05:501:07:50McNeelyOST#1 Still Life @ 0:00-END0:02:04Still Life (2:04)
1:07:501:09:46???OST#1 Arrival in Paris @ 0:14-END + extensionBrothel
1:09:471:10:19McNeely0:00:34Mata Not Home
1:12:271:14:36McNeelyOST#1 L'Affaire d'Amour @ 0:00-END0:02:12L'Affaire d'Amour (2:12)
1:17:001:18:54???Intoxicating SexIndian piece w/sitar
1:19:191:22:03McNeelyFollowing Mata Hari
1:22:051:23:51McNeelySpying on Mata Hari
1:25:541:26:42McNeelyInteractive Timeline bgAudio @ 1:24-2:20 (partial)0:00:48Your Leave Has Been Cancelledslightly different edit
1:30:141:31:35McNeelyOST#1 Lover's Farewell @ 0:00-1:210:01:21Lover's Farewell (2:05)
1:31:351:31:47McNeelyOST#1 Lover's Farewell @ 1:48-ENDLover's Farewell (2:05)
--------McNeelyOST#1 Lover's Farewell (2:05) @ 1:31-ENDTabloid Gossip 2Bookend B
--------McNeelyTV Broadcasts / Japan LaserDisc0:00:41End Credits TVEnd Credits TV
1:31:471:32:55McNeelyOST#1 Remembering Verdun @ 0:31-1:390:01:08End Credits DVDEnd Credits DVD