Chapter 10: The Phantom Train of Doom

This two-part episode's score by Joel McNeely is extremely well represented on the Volume 4 soundtrack, with 11 tracks representing 34 minutes of music.

06. Welcome To Africa! (1:04)
07. The Wrong Way Train (2:06)
08. Veldt Voyage (1:39)
09. The 21st Royal Fusileers (2:17)
10. The Old And The Bold (2:24)
11. Tally Ho (3:22)
12. Chasing The Phantom Train (3:56)
13. The Phantom Train Of Doom (8:08)
14. The Caper Continues (2:17)
15. The Native Battle (2:35)
16. Indy Hijacks The Balloon (4:20)

(Artwork: Promotional posterfrom drawings by Drew Struzanpainted by Mike Butkus.)

DVD StartDVD EndComposerSourceLengthTitleCatalogNotes
0:00:210:00:50McNeelyOST#4 "Chasing the Phantom Train" (3:26-3:56)0:00:29Title Card
0:00:500:01:10McNeely0:00:20"Africa! I've always wanted to come here!"
0:01:100:01:44McNeelyOST#4 "Welcome to Africa" (0:28-1:04)0:00:34Welcome to AfricaGEMA 3381175-001(First 28 seconds? Bookend?)
0:01:440:02:38McNeelyOST#4 "The Wrong Way Train" (0:00-0:54)0:00:54The Wrong Way Train (Part 1)GEMA 3779133-001
0:02:380:02:53McNeely0:00:15"Trust me, he says"
0:03:220:04:30McNeelyOST#4 "The Wrong Way Train" (0:54-2:06)0:01:08The Wrong Way Train (Part 2)Sabam 19536510Sabam "Wrong Way, Again"
0:05:030:06:39McNeelyOST#4 "Veldt Voyage" (0:00-1:39)0:01:36Veldt VoyageGEMA 3779136-001, Sabam 19536511
0:06:390:08:53Mozart0:02:14Marriage of FigaroDiegetic ("source")
0:11:120:13:30McNeelyOST#4 "The Old & The Bold" (0:00-2:22)0:02:18The Old & The BoldGEMA 3779141-001
0:13:300:15:05McNeely0:01:35"They're not hitting us from the sea"
0:15:050:16:20McNeelyOST#4 "The 21st Royal Fusileers" (0:43-2:01)0:01:15The 21st Royal FusileersGEMA 3779139-001
0:16:200:16:34McNeelyOST#4 "Chasing the Phantom Train" (short segment)0:00:14"It's a phantom train, my friend!"
0:18:140:18:39McNeelyOST#4 "The Old & The Bold" (0:00-0:25)0:00:25Tally Ho (Preamble)
0:18:390:21:48McNeelyOST#4 "Tally Ho" (0:03-3:22)0:03:09Tally HoGEMA 3779144-001
0:22:300:25:30McNeely0:03:00German Camp
0:25:330:29:25McNeelyOST#4 "Chasing the Phantom Train" (0:00-3:56)0:03:52Chasing the Phantom TrainGEMA 3779147-001
0:29:250:30:43McNeely0:01:18"It really is a phantom train"
0:31:200:37:14McNeely0:05:54cable/dead end/hidden base/charges
0:37:290:43:35McNeelyOST#4 "The Phantom Train of Doom" (0:00-6:07)0:06:06The Phantom Train of DoomGEMA 3779156-001
0:45:150:47:14McNeelyOST#4 "The Phantom Train of Doom" (6:07-8:08)0:01:59The Phantom Train of Doom
0:47:140:49:12McNeely0:01:58"I used to be the best shot in Africa, once"
0:49:510:51:19McNeelyOST#4 "The 21st Royal Fusileers" (0:00-1:28)0:01:28The 21st Royal Fusileers
0:51:190:53:00McNeelyOST#4 "The Caper Continues" (0:00-1:41)0:01:41The Caper ContinuesGEMA 3779164-001
0:53:000:53:26McNeely(Mix of themes from "Caper Continues" and "21st Royal")0:00:26"It's the least we could do for them"
0:53:280:53:53McNeelyOST#4 "Veldt Voyage" (0:13-0:38)0:00:25Veldt Voyage (in a dress)
0:55:270:56:24McNeelyOST#4 "The Caper Continues" (1:10-2:17)0:00:57The Caper Continues (continued)
0:56:280:56:44McNeelyOST#4 "Veldt Voyage" (short segment)0:00:16
1:08:091:12:20McNeelyOST#4 "Indy Hijacks the Balloon" (0:00-4:20)0:04:11Indy Hijacks the BalloonGEMA 3779167-001
1:13:501:16:43McNeely(Mix of themes from "Chasing" and "The Phantom Train")0:02:53"It's the whole German army!"
1:16:431:19:25McNeely(Mix of themes from "Chasing" and "The Phantom Train")0:02:42"What do you mean, walk up?"
1:20:011:21:57McNeely0:01:56"The lions are not the problem."
1:24:521:27:24McNeelyOST#4 "The Native Battle" (0:00-2:35)0:02:32The Native BattleGEMA 3779166-001
1:27:261:32:03McNeely0:04:37"Clear military thinking"
--------McNeelyTV Broadcasts0:00:41End Credits TVEnd Credits TV
??????McNeelyDVD0:01:17End Credits DVDEnd Credits DVD