Chapter 11: Oganga: The Giver and Taker of Life

Although originally aired as two separate episodes (German East Africa, December 1916 and Congo, January 1917), it comprises a two-part story.

The score by Joel McNeely is represented by 6 tracks (22 minutes) on the Volume 2 soundtrack. 

07. Desert Trek (3:20)
08. Morning (4:10)
09. Desert Storm (4:17)
10. Arrival At Port Gentil/Death Of Bartelomy (4:59)
11. Albert Schweitzer, Prisoner Of War (2:28)
12. Schweitzer Says Goodbye (2:39)

An additional 17 minutes of music is used in the LEGO Indiana Jones games, the Special Delivery game present on the second DVD set's bonus disc (based on this story), and the Hunting for Treasure game present on the third DVD set's bonus disc, and the Staff of Kings games. The last 40 seconds of the track "Schweitzer Says Goodbye" are from the closing bookend of the original TV broadcast version (featuring old Indy) and are not used on the DVD. The opening battle sequence has been greatly extended by the DVD version relative to the TV broadcast version, and 2 minutes of music from the The Phantom Train of Doom is used to extend the score.

(Artwork: Promotional posterfrom drawings by Drew Struzanpainted by Mike Butkus.)

DVD StartDVD EndComposerSourceLengthTitleCatalogNotes
--------McNeelySpecial Delivery: assets/2 (MP3 compression).mp30:01:37Mike / A Stray BulletBookend A
0:00:190:00:42McNeely0:00:23Preparing for the AssaultVariant on Desert Trek 0:34-
0:00:430:01:32McNeely0:00:49Taborachilling shrills
0:01:320:02:55McNeelyOST #2 Desert Storm (4:17) @ 0:00-1:230:01:23Desert Storm
0:02:550:03:10McNeely0:00:15Mortars***Assault is 5 mins. longer than the TV version!
0:03:100:04:09McNeelyOST #4 The Phantom Train of Doom @ 4:50-5:490:00:59Machine GunsRe-use from Phantom Train (to pad TV version?)
0:04:090:05:54McNeelyOST #2 Desert Storm (4:17) @ 1:39-3:240:01:45Retreating the Wrong Way
0:05:540:06:32McNeelyOST #4 The Old and the Bold @ 1:30-2:010:00:38Indy Seizes the Machine GunRe-use from Phantom Train (to pad TV version?)
0:06:320:06:59McNeelyOST #4 Indy Hijacks the Balloon @ 3:06-3:300:00:27"Charge!"Re-use from Phantom Train (to pad TV version?)
0:06:590:08:09McNeelyOST #2 Desert Storm (4:17) @ 3:02-end0:01:10 Victory
0:10:200:12:30McNeely0:02:10"An expedition across the Congo?"
0:12:300:13:40McNeely0:01:10"Two promotions in one day"Diegetic ("source") singing
0:14:260:15:00McNeely0:00:34"With him in charge, who needs Germans?"
0:15:000:19:17McNeelyOST#2 Desert Trek (3:20) @ 0:00-end0:04:17Desert TrekSequence at 0:24-0:28 repeated, pause at 0:50 extended
0:19:180:20:30McNeely0:01:12"This is a bad place, Captain"
0:21:560:22:20McNeely0:00:24"Orders are orders"
0:22:200:24:04McNeely0:01:44"Who do we leave behind next?
0:25:190:27:40McNeely0:02:21"The rational decision"
0:29:570:30:17McNeely0:00:20"A stunning lesson in political science"
0:30:330:32:48McNeelyLIJ1 RA_CAFERAVEN_D_QUI @ 0:00-1:490:02:15"It's Treason, Sergeant!"
0:32:480:34:10McNeely0:01:22"I'll have you shot!"
0:34:120:36:10McNeely0:01:58Christmas Eve
0:36:100:37:15McNeely0:01:05Desert Trek (redux)Subtle variations on OST#2 "Desert Trek"
0:37:290:39:09McNeelySpecial Delivery - mainvillage-20:01:40500 Miles Down River
0:39:090:42:19McNeely"Little bastard saved our skins"
0:42:190:47:04McNeelyOST#2 Arrival at Port Gentil / Death of Bartelomy (4:58)0:04:45Arrival at Port Gentil / Death of Bartelomy
--------McNeelyTV Broadcasts / Euro VHS / Japan Laser Disc???Mike's Blood DonationBookend B
--------McNeelyTV Broadcasts / Euro VHS / Japan Laser Disc0:00:41Port Gentile Reprise (End Title)ASCAP 460311411End Credits TV
--------McNeelySpecial Delivery - assets/1.mp30:01:15Bee Sting / Dutch Boy (1:35 actually 1:25)Bookend A
0:47:040:47:58McNeelySpecial Delivery - frenchport-20:00:54< extra stuff "Our Situation is Desperate"Indy & Remy head to French office
0:47:580:49:25McNeely0:01:27Belgian Salute
0:49:250:52:23McNeely0:02:58"Crazy as a rat in a tin can"Some familiar cues at 50:28 and 50:43
0:52:230:53:12McNeely0:00:49Fight on the boat
0:53:120:55:52McNeelyLIJ1 RA_WELLOFSOULS_A2_QUI (2:38)0:02:40Delirious Indy (2:38)Indy being taken off boat and revived by Schwietzer
0:55:520:56:02McNeely0:00:10Indy sneaks out
0:56:020:57:15McNeelySpecial Delivery - bgmusic10:01:13"My name isn't Fritz, it's Albert"
0:58:181:02:28McNeelyOST#2 Morning (4:10) @ 0:00-end0:04:10Morning
1:02:281:04:28J. S. BachDVD End Credits (shorter)0:02:00Jesu, Joy of Man's DesiringSabam 1538350Orchestral, fades to diegetic ("source") piano
1:05:021:07:02???0:02:00"The finest duet recital in the province of Gabon"Diegetic ("source") piano: ???, Chopsticks, ???
1:07:021:08:06McNeelyHunting For Treasure - assets/bgmusic2,mp30:01:04The Chief's Son is Dying
1:08:061:08:36McNeely0:00:30"The world is collapsing"Desert Trek / Morning theme variation
1:09:511:12:17McNeely0:02:26"The giver and taker of life"
1:13:321:14:33McNeely0:01:01The Value of Human Life
1:14:331:14:58McNeelySpecial Delivery - belgiumcamp-10:00:25Waving Goodbye
1:14:581:17:11Mozart Concerto K622 ("Reverence for Life")Blends into Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring
1:17:111:18:37McNeelySOK mu22r8lb (Wii), INDY_749 (PS2), 0:00 - 1:260:01:26"Petty bureaucrat with a gun"SOK expands on "Ronstand's River Arrest" from LIJ2.
1:18:371:19:38McNeely0:01:01"I have a more important mission for you"
1:19:381:21:58McNeelyOST#2 Albert Schweitzer, Prisoner of War (2:25) 0:00-end0:02:20Albert Schweitzer, Prisoner of War
1:22:471:25:00McNeely0:02:13"Bureaucrats will be the death of us all"
1:25:001:26:55McNeelyOST#2 Schweitzer Says Goodbye (2:34) 0:00-1:550:01:55Schweitzer Says GoodbyeCues from Clarinet Concerto K622 (Mozart)
--------McNeelyOST#2 Schweitzer Says Goodbye (2:34) 1:55-02:330:00:38Going To Make ItBookend B
--------McNeelyTV Broadcasts / Euro VHS / Japan Laser Disc0:00:38Reverence for Life (End Credits)ASCAP 480236073End Credits TV
??????McNeelyDVD0:01:20Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring (J. S. Bach)End Credits DVD