Chapter 18: Treasure of the Peacock's Eye

This was the only episode scored by Steve Bramson, and four short samples of the score can be found on his web site:
Several full tracks from the score were also used in the interactive game present on third DVD set, Hunting for Treasure, and the Interactive Timeline on the Bonus DVD in each set also uses a track from the score, yielding at least 13 minutes of music. Another two minutes or so of music is used in the Staff of Kings games. In addition, a few short segments of the episode feature music without extraneous sound effects.

(Artwork: VHS coverfrom drawings by Drew Struzan, unknown painter.)

DVD StartDVD EndComposerSourceLengthTitleNotes
~0:05:25 ??????Disembarking at Waterloo Station
0:06:24BramsonHunting For Treasure - 097_hieroglyphics-144 (2:39)0:02:39The Letter
0:08:520:10:02BramsonDVD Interactive Timeline - bgAudio 2:22-3:320:01:10Stories Concerning Antiquities
0:11:58BramsonDVD Credits0:00:59Goodbye For Now
0:14:570:15:17BramsonSOK mu22r4lc (Wii), INDY_751 (PS2)0:00:13Alexander and His Troops
0:29:29Bramsonhttp://www.stevebramson.com0:00:30Finding the Treasure (Part 1)
0:32:48Bramsonhttp://www.stevebramson.com0:00:33Finding the Treasure (Part 2)
BramsonClean on DVDOn the China Sea
Van AlstyneClean on DVDChina Dreams
0:46:080:48:16BramsonSOK mu31r2la (Wii), INDY_751 (PS2)0:01:36First Battle with the PiratesEdited, missing approx. 30 secs. of music.
0:48:18BramsonHunting For Treasure - 062_OnShip_rotating-10:03:51Our Diamond is Getting Away***You've also called this "All We Need Is a Boat"
1:29:06BramsonHunting For Treasure - 040_BarScene_rotating-20:03:01It Stops Here
BramsonTV Broadcasts + DVD0:00:59End Credits TV + DVD