Chapter 21: Scandal of 1920

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This episode's score by Joel McNeely is represented by 15 tracks (27 minutes) on the Volume 3 soundtrack, including extensive use of period songs by Lewis, Berlin and Gershwin.

01. Rhapsody in Blue / Traveling to New York (2:41)02. Scandal Walk (1:30)03. Kate the Poet (4:02)04. Rehearsal Montage (1:05)05. Harem Dance, Beachball Dance, Clamshell Ballet and the Tap Dance Finale (1:14)06. Meeting Peggy / New York Arrival (3:08)07. Somebody Loves Me (1:15)08. Sounds Like Perfection to Me (0:58)09. Gloria's Grand Entrance / The Penthouse Tango / Rhapsody in Blue (2:34)10. Tum On and Tiss Me (2:25)11. Backstage at the Scandals (1:06)12. A Poem for Indy (1:52)13. Swanee (1:38)14. The Tap Dance Rehearsal (0:45)15. She's Wonderful, Too (0:50)

In addition, several of the performances within the episode have little or no sound effects or dialogue and can be extracted from the DVD for additional music:

"Ain't Nobody's Business" (0:27)Mary (0:15)"Something About Love We Love" (0:22) - Gershwin"When My Baby Smiles At Me" (0:47) - Lewis"A Pretty Girl Is Like A Melody" (0:38) - Berlin"It Seldom Comes True" (0:32) - Gershwin"The Man I Love" (2:56) - Gershwin