Promotional Releases

CD Releases by Composers

None of these are in print and all were extremely limited releases.

Curt Sobel - Transylvania, 1918

In the 1990's, composer Curt Sobel released a limited edition promotional CD for his score to Transylvania, 1918. This CD is extremely rare to find, but it does include 100% of the score including music from the bookends. It's worth noting that this music has been sold as an expanded 2-CD set with music from Last Crusade or Emperor's Tomb. These copies are not the official CD and are illegal bootlegs.

01. Trick Or Treat (1:27)02. Venice / Fortune Teller (3:46)03. Briefing / Assignment: Vlad (3:51)04. Off to Romania (3:09)05. Meeting Nicolas (2:34)06. Climbing Every Mountain (2:58)07. Castle Heights / Hanging Corpses (2:49)08. Lightning (3:39)09. Dripping Blood (1:48)10. Death in Your Pocket (2:15)11. Ice Room (1:46)12. Vlad the Impaler (1:36)13. Dinner Anyone? (1:58)14. Lull Them to Sleep (2:21)15. Towers of Tortures (2:45)16. Bloodletting / Stabbed in the Back (2:29)17. Resurrected / Indy Fights Vlad (1:51)18. Four Roads Meet (0:38)19. Forest Reckoning (0:34)20. I'd Stake His Life On It / Halloween (2:10)

Fan cover art by Laserschwert; based on the VHS cover art by Mike Butkus

Joel McNeely - Filmworks

This 2-CD set contains several scores by McNeely, one of which is a single 12 minute medley of YIJC tracks. All are included on the four OSTs:

00:00 - 00:59 - Verdun 1916 - "Race to the Front" 00:59 - 04:04 - The Scandal of 1920 - "Meeting Peggy / New York Arrival" 04:04 - 07:22 - German East Africa 1916 - "Desert Trek" 07:22 - 10:14 - London 1916 - "Celtic Love" 10:14 - 12:40 - The Phantom Train of Doom - "The Old and the Bold"

Laurence Rosenthal - Music for Television

This 2-CD set contains scores from television series and movies composed by Rosenthal, and contains several released and also previously unreleased YIJC tracks:

19. The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles - Young Indy (2:09)20. The Fight in the Bakery / The Voice of Ireland (Ireland 1916) (3:13)21. The Long Night of Dr. Wen Ch-iu (Peking 1910) (7:11)22. The Amazing Flight of the Filing Cabinet (Prague 1917) (2:19)23. Tolstoy Among the People (Travels with Father) (3:09)24. Broadway To Hollywood (Hollywood Follies) (2:26)

"The Voice of Ireland" is the same as the first minute of "The Uprising" on OST #4.

Other Releases

The 2-CD set Best of Adventure (released in Germany) features several awesome recordings of adventure movie themes, and includes a recording of the Young Indiana Jones theme performed by the City of Prague Philharmonic. It was arranged by John Bell and conducted by William Motzing.

2. The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles: Main Title (01:35)

Cliffhangers: Action And Adventure In The Movies by the Silva Screen label features re-recordings of movie themes by the City of Prague Philharmonic. This CD features the exact same recording of the Main Title from the Best of Adventure CD set. It was arranged by John Bell and conducted by William Motzing.

14. The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles: Main Title (01:35)

Liner Notes: George Lucas' notion of exploring the Indiana Jones character's early days has resulted in an entertaining series of made-for-television films that use high budgets and varied locations to great effect. The overall excellent production values extend to the music where two composers are employed who alternate stories. Rosenthal and McNeely have fashioned larger-than-life scores for each episode and this is reflected in Rosenthal's exuberant theme for the overall series.

The 2-CD set Best of the West (released in Germany) contains a re-recording of a track from Rosenthal's score for Mexico, 1916 performed by the Czech Symphony Orchestra. This CD has also been given the name "The Best of the Wild West" (with different cover art), but contains the exact same track.

15. Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, Mexico 1916 - Pancho Villa's Camp (3:25)

Satellite 1, a German television network, released a CD promoting the airing of YIJC in 1992. It contains four tracks all of which are slight variations of a hip-hop version of Rosenthal's Young Indy theme with lyrics. For example:

There's many many many ways / To get with the cool Young Indy craze

He's in a world of his own / No-one can hang with Indiana Jones

1. Young Indy (Radio Edit) (3:22)2. Young Indy (Dance Version) (6:34)3. Young Indy (Saxy Mix) (6:57)4. Young Indy (Instrumental Version) (3:21)

Web Samples by Composers

Laurence Rosenthal has seven samples of music from various Young Indy episodes on his website:

Main Title (2:08)Vienna 1908: Sophie’s Chamber (2:13)British East Africa 1909: The Masai Elders (1:48)Barcelona 1917: Boulevards of Barcelona (0:39)Princeton 1916: Princeton Days (1:10)Northern Italy 1918: The Wedding Dress (1:49)Ireland 1916: The Fight in the Bakery (1:53)

Frédéric Talgorn has three samples from Trenches of Hell on his website:

Main Title - Somme (2:27)Suspense (2:47)To the Battle (1:48)

Steve Bramson has three samples from Treasure of the Peacock's Eye on his website:

One Last Adventure (1:20)The Letter (0:58)Finding The Treasure (4:29)