Episode Cue Lists

"Cue lists" detail the individual pieces of music within a movie or episode's soundtrack. These may or may not correspond to tracks within a published soundtrack. Soundtracks may be lacking cues, may include more of a piece of music than was present in the episode, or may include alternate recordings.

As an example, see the complete cue lists on IndianaJonesMusic.com

No official cue lists to the Young Indiana Jones Chronicles exist. With 22 episodes, 90 minutes each, it's a lot of music!

In Progress Unofficial Cue List

Chapter Composer OST? Other?
Pilot: The Curse of the Jackal Rosenthal   3 min
Chapter 01: My First Adventure Rosenthal    
Chapter 02: Passion for Life Rosenthal / McNeely 18 min  
Chapter 03: The Perils of Cupid Rosenthal 19 min  
Chapter 04: Journey of Radiance Rosenthal 17 min  
Chapter 05: Travels With Father Rosenthal   3 min
Chapter 06: Spring Break Adventure Rosenthal 15 min 3 min
Chapter 07: Love's Sweet Song Rosenthal / McNeely 39 min  
Chapter 08: Trenches of Hell Talgorn   20 min
Chapter 09: Demons of Deception McNeely 35 min 2 min
Chapter 10: The Phantom Train of Doom McNeely 34 min  
Chapter 11: Oganga: The Giver and Taker of Life McNeely 22 min 16 min
Chapter 12: Attack of the Hawkmen McNeely   20 min
Chapter 13: Adventures in the Secret Service Rosenthal   8 min
Chapter 14: Espionage Escapades Rosenthal 22 min 7 min
Chapter 15: Daredevils of the Desert Rosenthal   15 min
Chapter 16: Tales of Innocence Rosenthal 19 min  
Chapter 17: Masks of Evil McNeely / Sobel   46 min
Chapter 18: Treasure of the Peacock's Eye Bramson   14 min
Chapter 19: The Winds of Change McNeely   1 min
Chapter 20: Mystery of the Blues McNeely 28 min  
Chapter 21: Scandal of 1920 McNeely 27 min  
Chapter 22: Hollywood Follies Rosenthal   2 min

Artwork on the cue list pages includes soundtrack album covers by Matthew Peak, VHS cover and foreign release posters by Mike Butkus, the Young Indiana Jones "Movie of the Week" advertisement by Drew Struzan, promotional stills from the series, and some artwork by other contributors.

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