Chapter 12: Attack of the Hawkmen

None of this two-part episode's score by Joel McNeely has been officially released.

About 21 minutes of music is used in the LEGO Indiana Jones games, the Special Delivery game on the second DVD set's bonus disc, the Hunting for Treasure game on the third DVD set's bonus disc, and the Interactive Timeline on all of the bonus discs, and the Staff of Kings games.

(Artwork: VHS cover, from drawings by Drew Struzan, painter unknown.)

DVD StartDVD EndComposerSourceLengthTitleNotes
0:00:000:02:11McNeely0:02:11Air Raid over Paris
0:02:110:03:06McNeelyTraining for Espionagelight hearted horns
0:03:180:04:48McNeelySpecial Delivery: medcamp-1 @ 0:17-1:47This Will Never Work
0:07:120:08:50MooreMinstrel Boy/Song of God Goes Forth To War
0:09:110:10:20McNeelyRowdy Americans / Hawkmen Theme
0:10:200:11:18McNeelyReporting for Duty
0:11:180:11:39McNeelyBarcelona Theme
0:11:390:12:45McNeelyEight Days, Low and Slow
0:12:450:13:10McNeelyOST#1 Requiem @ 3:02Remembering Verdun
0:13:100:15:00McNeelySpecial Delivery: belgiumcamp-3 0:01:50Photographic Session
0:16:240:17:37McNeelyHere We Go
0:17:370:18:40McNeelyLIJ1 LC_AIRSHIP_A_ACT (1:03)0:01:03Indy's First Dogfight (1:03)
0:18:400:21:13McNeelyFixing the Wheels
0:21:130:22:21McNeelyMight Catch on Fire
0:23:000:24:00McNeelyLIJ1 TD_FREETHESLAVES_B_QUI @ 0:00-1:020:01:02Welcome to Germany
0:24:000:24:25McNeelyTo the Chateau (P1)
0:24:000:25:10McNeelySOK mu01r7lb & mu_v27 (Wii), INDY_685 & INDY_806 (PS2) 0:47-1:20, 0:00-END0:00:43To the Chateau (P2)SOK files are split in two. Both contain only second half of track. Suggest renaming as "Hobey to the Rescue".
0:26:210:27:04McNeelyA Challenge
0:27:140:28:06McNeelyLIJ2 5_0_SouthAmericaHub_Qui (1:54) @ 0:00-1:12Richthofen's Prisoners/Just Paint Itsame as Verdun "Do Any of You Speak German?; renamed from "Just Paint It"
0:28:060:31:00McNeelySpecial Delivery: Combat_005-1 + LEGO LC Escape D Act0:02:55Truck Fight and Biplane EscapeLEGO version is a shorter edit
0:31:080:32:00McNeelyThe Challenge Delivered
0:32:000:32:36TraditionalDVD CreditsOff to Paris ("Garryowen" trad.)***This is the famous "Garryowen" (Diegetic/"source")
0:32:410:33:18Offenbach"Galop Infernal" (from "Orpheus in the Underworld" (1858)
0:33:470:36:14McNeelyHunting for Treasure: IndyCredits-1Dogfight with the Red Baron
0:36:140:37:57McNeelyLook, Germans!
0:39:210:40:12Haydn"Das Deutschlandlied" (German National Anthem)
0:41:200:42:40TraditionalA Poor/The Bold Aviator Lay Dying (trad.)
0:43:080:46:58McNeelyFinal Dogfight
0:46:590:49:32McNeelySpecial Delivery: combat_047-266 (2:37) @ 0:00-2:330:02:33Out of Danger (end of part 1)
0:49:320:50:00McNeelysee Notes -->Goodbye CharlesExtension of above track
0:50:440:58:37McNeelyRoom 13B
0:58:371:00:12McNeelyOne Last Adventure Together
1:00:121:02:36McNeelyClimb Aboard and Sit Down
1:02:381:03:58McNeelyDVD Interactive Timeline - bgAudio 0:00-1:23Arrival in Hannover
1:04:001:05:00McNeelyIch isa Fritz Deifenbaker
1:05:001:07:30McNeelyFranz Josef Hotel
1:07:301:09:11McNeelyTrain to Ahlhorn
1:09:421:10:18McNeelyServing Schnapps
1:10:191:10:49McNeelyLIJ1 LC_CASTLE_A_QUI @ 0:19-0:490:00:30Serving Schnapps 2End is LC_CASTLE_A_QUI @ 1:53-1:57
1:10:501:10:57McNeelyDinner-Knife Distraction Drop
1:10:581:11:07McNeelyLIJ1 LC_CASTLE_A_QUI @ 1:58-2:070:00:10Note in Pocket
1:11:071:11:18McNeelyBottoms Up
1:11:201:12:48McNeelyMilitary Convoy
1:12:481:13:13McNeelyTo Much Risk Waiting
1:13:131:14:46McNeelyAhlhorn Naval Base / The Iron Cross
1:14:461:15:58McNeelyLIJ1 LC_AIRSHIP_B_QUI @ 1:07-2:130:01:06Ran Into Some TroubleSame as LC_AIRSHIP_D_QUI, but longer
1:17:171:20:32McNeelyTame LionsSimilar themes in LC_CASTLE_A_QUI 0:40-2:00
1:22:311:23:07McNeelyDon't Get Caught
1:23:071:24:07McNeely???Showers/Locker Room
1:24:071:24:33McNeelyLIJ1 LC_CASTLE_A_QUI (2:07) @ 0:43-1:12The CameraSneaking theme continues in LC_CASTLE_A_QUI
1:24:331:25:28McNeelyRichthofen Arrives
1:25:281:26:43McNeelyA Great Occasion
1:26:431:28:17McNeelyThe Zeppelin Hangar
1:28:181:28:30McNeely***???***Pohl Giant TriplaneHeard over dinner at the chateau? (c/o Stoo)
1:28:311:32:30McNeelyWith This Plane...
1:33:241:35:04McNeelyFull Throttle and No Breaks
1:35:041:36:00McNeelyDVDDVD Credits
1:34:541:35:59McNeelyTV Broadcasts + DVD0:00:59End Credits DVD