Chapter 20: Mystery of the Blues

This is the only episode to feature music from the John Williams films scores, during the bookend scenes with adult Indy in Wyoming during 1950.

This episode's score by Joel McNeely is fairly well represented on the Volume 3 soundtrack, with 10 tracks (28 minutes).

16. Sweetie Dear (2:35)
17. My Handy Man (3:05)
18. Warehouse Battle (6:33)
19. 12th Street Rag (3:04)
20. Blue Horizon (3:02)
21. Corrupt Police (1:43)
22. I'm a Little Blackbird (3:23)
23. I Can't Believe You're in Love with Me (1:26)
24. Tiger Rag (2:29)
25. Twinkle Dixie (0:58)

(Artwork: Promotional posterfrom drawings by Drew Struzan, painted by Mike Butkus.)

DVD StartDVD EndComposerSourceLengthTitleCatalogNotes
--------McNeelyUK TV BroadcastsSpikeBookend A
--------WilliamsNorth American TV BroadcastsAlpine ChaseBuma/StermaFord Bookend 1 SHORT
WilliamsDVDAlpine ChaseBuma/StermaFord Bookend 1 LONG!
McNeelyTo the CabinBuma/Sterma
McNeelyIndy Finds a SaxBuma/Sterma
McNeelyOST#3 Sweetie Dear (2:33)Sweetie Dear
McNeelyOST#3 My Handy Man (3:02)My Handy Man
McNeelyOST#3 Warehouse Battle (6:33)Warehouse Battle
McNeelyOST#3 12th Street Rag (3:02)12th Street Rag
McNeelyOST#3 Blue Horizon (3:00)Blue Horizon
McNeelyOST#3 Corrupt Police (1:41)Corrupt Police
McNeelyOST#3 I'm A Little Blackbird (3:21)I'm A Little Blackbird
McNeelyOST#3 I Can't Believe You're In Love With Me (1:25)I Can't Believe You're In Love With Me
McNeelyOST#3 Tiger Rag (2:27)Tiger Rag
McNeelyOST#3 Twinkle Dixie (0:53)Twinkle Dixie
--------McNeelyUK TV Broadcasts???Thanks, Gran'paBookend B
--------McNeelyUK TV Broadcasts???Turkey In The StrawEnd Credits TV
--------McNeelyUK TV Broadcasts???Complaining NeighboursBookend A
--------McNeelyUK TV Broadcasts0:00:38Don't Need A Fuse To Play The BluesBookend B
--------WilliamsNorth American TV Broadcasts + DVDAvalanche is Better Than NoneBuma/StermaFord Bookend 2
--------McNeelyUK TV Broadcasts0:00:38End Credits TV UKBuma/Sterma: "Patatoe Blooz End Title"End Credits TV
--------McNeelyNorth American TV Broadcasts0:00:50End Credits TV USA/CanadaBuma/Sterma: "Patatoe Blooz End Title"End Credits TV
??????McNeelyDVD0:01:27End Credits DVDEnd Credits DVD