Chapter 08: Trenches of Hell

While aired as two separate episodes (Somme, Early August 1916 and Germany, Mid-August 1916), it forms a two-part story. Both parts were scored by Frédéric Talgorn. (He also composed an unused score for Paris 1908.)

None of the score has been officially released. However, approximately 17 minutes of music from the score is used in the LEGO Indiana Jones games, the Staff of Kings games, and in the Revolution game present on the first DVD set's bonus disc and one of the documentaries. In addition, Talgorn's web site features 7 minutes of samples of music from the episode.

(Artwork: Promotional poster, from drawings by Drew Struzan.)

DVD StartDVD EndComposerSourceLengthTitleCatalogNotes
--------TalgornTV Broadcasts / Euro VHS / Japan Laser Disc???Donut DeliteBookend A
0:00:220:01:55TalgornArrival at the Somme
0:01:550:03:40TalgornBunch of Belgianspart maybe in LEGO tracks???
0:05:120:05:42TalgornGood News Bad News
0:05:420:07:17TalgornLIJ1 RA_WellofSouls_D_Qui (1:35)0:01:35Book Fight / Lt. Moreau Takes Command
0:07:170:08:47TalgornSold Us Out
0:09:230:10:16TalgornChâteau La Maisonette
0:10:180:11:03Talgorn"To the Battle" ( 0:47-end0:00:45We Fight Together
0:11:040:11:40TalgornTV End Credits0:00:36Artillery Cover Fire
0:14:33???TalgornSharing Grenades
???0:17:40Talgorn"To the Battle" ( 0:00-0:47Advance to the German Lines
0:18:400:19:36TalgornYou Throw Like a Girl
0:19:390:20:08TalgornIt's Quiet
0:20:180:20:53TalgornMustard Gas
0:20:540:22:20TalgornLIJ2 5_2_Orellanna_Qui (2:12) @ 0:42-:2:120:01:30Flame ThrowersGEMA 12861055-001, Sabam 19536447
0:22:200:23:06TalgornUnholy Terror
0:23:060:23:51TalgornDocumentaries - Vol1 Disc 9 - "General John J. Pershing and His American Army" (Title5 - Chapter 07)Lancers of DeathDoc. track = longer edit
0:24:010:24:50TalgornTwo Day Leave
0:25:240:26:54TalgornTennis Game
0:30:080:30:56TalgornIt's My Duty
0:30:570:32:09TalgornDie With Honour
0:32:100:34:14TalgornFix Bayonettes!
0:34:160:36:56TalgornAdvancing on ChateauGEMA 12861053-001, Sabam 19536445beginning sounds like LEGO track???
0:36:570:39:30Talgorn"Suspense" ( / LIJ2 1_1_Nepal_Qui (2:36)0:02:36The TunnelGEMA 12861054-001, Sabam 19536446
0:39:300:41:57TalgornFalse Surrender
0:43:110:44:30TalgornGerman Counter Attack
--------TalgornTV Broadcasts / Euro VHS / Japan Laser Disc???ArrestedBookend B
--------TalgornTV Broadcasts / Euro VHS / Japan Laser Disc0:00:41End Credits TV
--------TalgornTV Broadcasts / Euro VHS / Japan Laser DiscBehind BarsBookend A
0:44:340:46:53Talgorn"Main Title - Somme" ( 0:01-2:200:02:19Main Title Somme
0:46:550:48:39TalgornRevolution - Combat0:01:47Now's Our Chance
0:48:390:50:19TalgornBarbed Wire
0:51:330:54:54TalgornTunnel Dig
0:54:540:57:02TalgornSOK mu31r4le (Wii), INDY_757 (PS2), 0:01:45You Look UncomfortableEdited, missing approx. 45 secs. of music.
0:57:020:58:22TalgornDVD End Credits0:00:57Run!
0:59:451:00:22TalgornAn Incorrigible
1:03:051:04:40TalgornSuspect Spy
1:07:271:08:03TalgornThe Art of War
1:08:031:10:02TalgornMake The Lasso
1:11:361:15:31TalgornCrazy Russians
1:15:321:17:39TalgornSpecial Delivery - assets/3 (MP3 compression).mp30:02:12Painful Lessons
1:18:191:21:04TalgornCadavers and Coffins
1:21:041:24:39TalgornRevolution - Extra30:02:36Let's Bury Some Stiffs
1:24:391:27:32TalgornBicycle Escape
--------TalgornTV Broadcasts / Euro VHS / Japan Laser DiscOut In An HourBookend B
--------TalgornTV Broadcasts / Euro VHS / Japan Laser Disc0:00:41End Credits TVEnd Credits TV
1:27:341:29:06TalgornDVD0:01:03End Credits DVDEnd Credits DVD