Chapter 13: Adventures in the Secret Service

This chapter was originally two separate episodes:

Austria, March 1917

None of this episode's score by Laurence Rosenthal has been officially released. About 8 minutes worth of music is used as background music in the LEGO Indiana Jones games and in the Special Delivery adventure game present on the second DVD set's bonus disc. The Staff of Kings games use an additional minute of music.

Petrograd, July 1917

None of this episode's score by Laurence Rosenthal has been released. The Staff of Kings games use a few minutes of the otherwise unreleased score.

(Artwork: Promotional posterfrom drawings by Drew Struzanpainted by Mike Butkus.)

DVD StartDVD EndComposerSourceLengthTitleCatalogNotes
--------RosenthalTV Broadcasts / Euro VHS / Japan Laser Disc???Mailbox DilemmaBookend A
0:02:500:03:39RosenthalDon't Fail This Time
0:03:390:06:01RosenthalA Separate Peace
0:06:010:06:23RosenthalTrain Station
0:06:440:07:07RosenthalTrain Journey
0:07:070:08:13RosenthalLIJ1 LC_ESCAPE_C_QUI (1:46) @ 0:00-1:060:01:06Get One Thing Straight
0:08:130:09:18RosenthalBurning the LetterSabam 19536450
0:09:180:10:40RosenthalLIJ1 TD_BATTLEONTHEBRIDGE_B_QUI (1:45) @ 0:00-1:300:01:30Check PointSabam 19536451unknown last 15 secs of TD Battle on the Bridge B Qui
0:10:400:11:08RosenthalLIJ1 TD_FREETHESLAVES_B_QUI (2:21) @ 1:02-1:300:00:30Sixtus' Papersbone-chilling, clock-ticking piano & percussion
0:11:080:11:59RosenthalAustrian Border Crossing
0:11:590:13:06RosenthalLIJ1 LC_AIRSHIP_B_QUI (2:13) @ 0:00-1:07Mistaken for Someone Else
0:13:060:14:21RosenthalTickets, Please
0:14:210:15:02RosenthalLIJ1 LC_ESCAPE_C_QUI @ 1:06-1:45Wrong CompartmentSabam 17977493
0:15:020:16:04RosenthalFrau SchultzSabam 17977494
0:16:180:17:08RosenthalNo Time for Jokes
0:17:200:19:03RosenthalSpecial Delivery: IndyCredits-1 (2:15) @ 0:00-1:430:01:43Frederick is DeadSabam 17977496
0:19:330:19:58RosenthalLIJ1 LC_CASTLE_A_QUI (2:07) @ 0:00-0:25Mister MaxSabam 17977495
0:19:580:21:06RosenthalSOK mu31r3lb (Wii), INDY_754 (PS2) (1:59) @ 0:00 -0:550:00:55I Hope it is Over QuicklySOK file is missing last 20 secs of track.
0:21:060:21:58RosenthalDevil Take the Consequencesor "I've Got a Bad Feeling About This" :P
0:22:040:23:00Rosenthal0:22:09=LIJ1 TD FREETHESLAVES B QUI (2:21) @ 1:30-2:210:00:51To the Dungeon
0:23:000:24:06RosenthalCues are in LIJ1 Castle Midtro2 + Spec.Delivery:IndyCredits1LaxenburgSabam 19536452"Who Is This 3rd Man?" The harpsichord is one of the many "Third Man" references in the episode!
0:27:350:30:24RosenthalBroken Toys
0:30:240:32:00RosenthalA Wise Decision
0:32:310:33:42RosenthalOur Brothers are Precious
0:33:460:35:05RosenthalApartment Seven
0:35:050:36:39RosenthalLIJ2 4_5_CraneTrain_Act (0:20-1:54)0:01:34Across the RooftopsGEMA 12861149-001, Sabam 19536516
0:36:390:37:30RosenthalStreet Chase
0:37:460:38:29RosenthalWe Were Right Behind Them!
0:39:260:41:34RosenthalLast Stop Before the Borderalmost "What an Incredible New Smell You've Discovered"
0:41:340:42:07Rosenthal(Re-use of parts of "Friends of Frederic")Looking for Three Austrian Soldiersthe beginning is familiar
0:43:040:46:08Rosenthal???Swiss Border Crossing (Young Indy Fanfare)
--------RosenthalTV Broadcasts / Euro VHS / Japan Laser Disc???Here's Your CheeseburgerBookend B
RosenthalTV Broadcasts / Euro VHS / Japan Laser Disc0:00:40Laxenburg (End Credit)ASCAP 420388745End Credits TV
--------RosenthalTV Broadcasts / Japan Laser Disc???This is Not OctoberBookend A
0:46:460:46:58RosenthalLIJ1 LC_ESCAPE_C_QUI (1:46) @ 1:36-1:460:00:10What Am I Going To Do With You?
0:46:580:48:08RosenthalWhat do you know about Russia?
0:49:260:51:06RosenthalHold the Fort For Me
0:51:060:52:35RosenthalThere Could Be An Insurrection
0:52:350:55:32RosenthalThe Dancing Bear
0:56:490:57:58RosenthalSecret Service DVD Credits 0:00-1:09Men Are Really Stupid
0:57:581:00:14RosenthalEnlightened Revolutionaries
1:00:141:01:44RosenthalSecret Service DVD CreditsThe Bridges of Saint Petersburg
1:01:441:02:10RosenthalKeeping Him Distracted
1:02:101:03:27Rosenthalsee Notes -->Happy Birthday Indy1:02:58-1:03:22 Traditional Russian? (diegetic/"source")
1:04:481:05:22RosenthalHistory Being Made
1:05:221:05:52Rosenthalsee Notes -->What Communism is All AboutTraditional Russian? (diegetic/"source")
1:07:171:08:34RosenthalLead the Proletariat to Victory
1:09:041:11:35RosenthalThe Dust of History
1:13:051:17:45RosenthalFriendship Isn't Easy
1:17:451:20:38RosenthalThe Timing is Wrong
1:21:201:23:10RosenthalSOK mu21r1le (Wii), INDY_717 (PS2)0:01:43Lenin Has Returned(sounds familiar - confirmed: SOK)
1:24:331:26:35Rosenthalsee Notes -->You'll Go Down in a Hail of Bullets1:26:31-1:26:53 Traditional Russian?
1:26:461:30:20Rosenthalsee Notes -->So Long, Old Friend1:27:57-1:29:10 Traditional Russian?
--------RosenthalTV Broadcasts / Japan Laser Disc???Blurry PhotoBookend B
RosenthalTV Broadcasts / Japan Laser Disc0:00:40End Credits TVEnd Credits TV
1:30:201:31:52RosenthalDVD0:01:35End Credits DVDEnd Credits DVD