Chapter 15: Daredevils of the Desert

This was the only 90-minute "chapter" that was not made by combining two separate episodes or two-part episodes; instead, enough footage existed to edit both a 45-minute and a 90-minute version. Only the latter was ever aired or released. As a result, there is substantial re-use of music within the episode. None of this episode's score by Laurence Rosenthal has been released.

Over 12 minutes of music from the episode are used in the LEGO Indiana Jones game soundtracks, and at least one track is also used in the DVD documentary credits. Several short segments are also used in the Staff of Kings games.

(Artwork: Promotional posterfrom drawings by Drew Struzan, unknown painter.)

DVD StartDVD EndComposerSourceLengthTitleCatalogNotes
0:00:240:02:58RosenthalLIJ1 LC_CASTLE_C_ACT / LIJ1 LC_CASTLE_CO_ACT (1:08); SOK mu22r2la (Wii), INDY_719 (PS2) (1:25)0:01:45Assault on Gazaedited clips in mixed order
0:08:310:10:37Rosenthal0:02:06Bird WatchingSabam 19536364Has YIJ theme
0:10:370:11:28RosenthalLIJ1 RA_CAIROSTREETS_D_ACT (1:19) @ 0:00-0:420:00:42Deception Chase
0:11:460:13:16Rosenthal0:01:30Flim FlamSabam 19536365
0:13:160:14:35RosenthalLIJ2 2_0_HUB_6Complete_Qui (2:16) @ 0:56-2:160:01:20The Documents Are RealSabam 19536366
0:14:360:15:53RosenthalLIJ2 2_0_HUB_6Complete_Qui (2:16) @ 0:00-0:560:00:56Meinertzhagen's Plan("Water is the Diff Betw'n Life and Death" was too long)
0:21:080:21:26RosenthalMy First Adventure DVD Credits 0:33-0:510:00:18Riding with Ned(re-used from Jackal Part 1 ???)
0:21:400:23:10RosenthalLIJ2 1_0_HUB_6Complete_Qui (2:14) @ 0:00-1:300:01:30Talking with Ned(re-used from Jackal Part 1 ???) (or Travels w/Father End)
0:33:010:33:46RosenthalDocumentaries Vol 1 - Disc 1 - "Howard Carter and the Tomb of Tutankhamun" (Title6 - Chapter 06)0:00:45Gaza or Beersheba?
0:34:380:35:20RosenthalLIJ2 1_0_HUB_6Complete_Qui (2:14) @ 1:28-2:140:00:46One More Question(re-used from Jackal Part 1 ???) (or Travels w/Father End)
0:37:530:40:33RosenthalLIJ2 1_2_Cairo_Qui (2:35)0:02:40Desert Brigands
0:47:480:48:21RosenthalSOK mu42r1ld (Wii), INDY_776 (PS2) 0:00:33Thirsting for Water
0:49:150:49:30RosenthalSOK mu22r3la (Wii), INDY_739 (PS2)0:00:20"It's Beersheba!"
0:49:300:50:34RosenthalLIJ2 1_0_HUB_3MapRoom_Qui (2:23) @ 0:00-1:060:01:04A Trader in Fine Goods
0:50:340:50:54RosenthalRepeat of LIJ2 1_0_HUB_3MapRoom_Qui @ 0:28-0:40+extra0:00:30Passing Red Dye/Ink Makershort blend of portions from RA_CAIROSTREETS_D_QUI
0:50:540:52:12RosenthalLIJ2 1_0_HUB_3MapRoom_Qui (2:23) @ 1:07-2:230:01:16Carrier PigeonsSabam 19536367
RosenthalDVD Credits (mishmash)0:01:32Bit of a Gallop / First One Over the Trench Wins
0:58:170:58:33RosenthalSOK mu21r1lf (Wii), INDY_719 (PS2)0:00:20The Lighthorsemen Behold Beersheba
0:59:070:59:18RosenthalSOK mu_v23 (Wii), INDY_805 (PS2)0:00:12"Plan ... has ... failed"
1:14:061:14:23RosenthalLIJ1 LC_TRIALS_E_ACT (1:18) @ 0:00-0:170:00:17Re-Wiring the Wellssame as RA_CAIROSTREETS_D_ACT @ 0:44-1:00
1:16:411:18:51RosenthalLIJ1 LC_TRIALS_E_ACT (1:18) @ 0:17-1:18 (repeated)0:01:01Indy & SchillerSabam 19536368
1:18:551:20:13Rosenthal0:01:18"Let's drink this place dry"
--------RosenthalEuro/Australian TV Broadcasts0:00:41End Credits TVEnd Credits TV
RosenthalDVD0:01:32End Credits DVDEnd Credits DVD