Chapter 07: Love's Sweet Song

This chapter was originally two separate episodes:

Ireland, April 1916

This episode's score by Laurence Rosenthal is represented by 5 tracks (approximately 23 minutes) on the Volume 4 soundtrack.

01. Welcome To Ireland (5:14)
02. Maggie (5:20)
03. Fight In The Bakery (2:13)
04. The Uprising (5:31)
05. A Terrible Beauty (4:41)

London, May 1916

This episode's score by Joel McNeely is represented by 7 tracks (approximately 16 minutes) on the Volume 2 soundtrack.

13. Oxford (0:25)
14. Countryside Courtship (1:31)
15. Zeppelin Attack / Meeting Vicky (2:02)
16. War Of Words (3:28)
17. Suffragette Meeting (1:56)
18. Celtic Love (2:57)
19. Proposal / Reunion (4:00)

(Artwork: 20 Year Celebration by MDew at The Raven)

DVD StartDVD EndComposerSourceLengthTitleCatalogNotes
--------RosenthalTV Broadcasts???Soap OperaBookend A
??????RosenthalOST#40:05:12Welcome to IrelandGEMA 3779122-001Bookend A?
??????RosenthalOST#40:05:17MaggieGEMA 3779124-001
??????RosenthalOST#40:02:11The Fight in the BakeryGEMA 3779125-001
??????RosenthalLaurence Rosenthal's "Music for Television"0:03:12The Fight in the Bakery/The Voice of Ireland
??????RosenthalOST#40:05:29The UprisingGEMA 3779127-001
??????RosenthalOST#40:04:34A Terrible BeautyGEMA 3779130-001Bookend B?
--------RosenthalTV Broadcasts???Running LateBookend B
--------RosenthalTV Broadcasts0:00:42Indy Kisses Maggie (End Credit)ASCAP 390521014End Credits TV
--------McNeelyTV Broadcasts / Euro VHS / Japan Laser Disc???In Trouble With the IRSBookend A
??????McNeelyOST#20:01:29Countryside Courtship
??????McNeelyOST#20:02:01Zeppelin Attack / Meeting Vicky
??????McNeelyOST#20:03:25War of Words
??????McNeelyOST#20:01:55Suffragette Meeting
??????McNeelyOST#20:02:55Celtic LoveCues from "Lark Ascending" (Ralph Vaughan Williams)
??????McNeelyOST#20:03:54Proposal / ReunionBookend B?
--------McNeelyTV Broadcasts / Euro VHS / Japan Laser Disc???Proposal / ReunionBookend B
--------McNeelyTV Broadcasts / Euro VHS / Japan Laser Disc0:00:32(approx) End Credits TVEnd Credits TV
??????McNeelyDVD0:01:09End Credits DVDEnd Credits DVD