Chapter 22: Hollywood Follies

There is no officially released soundtrack to this two-part episode, scored by Laurence Rosenthal.

Rosenthal's "Music for Television" promotional CD includes the track "From Broadway to Hollywood" (2:26) used in this episode.

24. Broadway To Hollywood (The Hollywood Follies) (2:26)

(Artwork: Promotional posterfrom drawings by Drew Struzan, unknown painter.)

DVD StartDVD EndComposerSourceLengthTitleCatalogNotes
0:00:00Rosenthal(DVD has "clean" intro for ~1 minute, w/ popcorn crunch)Chariot Race
0:02:41RosenthalMusic for Television0:00:32Broadway to Hollywood 0:00-0:32
0:05:12RosenthalMusic for Television0:01:54Broadway to Hollywood 0:32-2:26
???Carl OrffO Fortuna - Carmina Burana
0:06:26RosenthalDVD Credits 0:00-0:220:00:22Welcome to Universal City(continuation of previous cue)
1:03:09RosenthalDVD Credits 0:23-1:020:00:39Indy, Let's Go / Move 'em Out
RosenthalTV Broadcasts0:01:08End Credits TVEnd Credits TV
RosenthalDVD0:01:03End Credits DVDEnd Credits DVD