Chapter 16: Tales of Innocence

This chapter was originally two separate episodes.

Northern Italy, 1918

A total of 6 tracks from this episode's score by Laurence Rosenthal are present on the Volume 4 soundtrack release. There are many re-uses of the music in the episode, any many sequences in the episode without a score (e.g. when the characters are performing music) so most of the episode's score is covered by these tracks.

17. Romantic Adventures (6:43)
18. Love And War (3:50)
19. Deserters (1:11)
20. Spaghetti (1:51)
21. The Bridal Gown (1:51)
22. Arriverderci Indy (3:40)

Morocco, 1917

None of this episode's original score by Laurence Rosenthal has been released. 

The cue used during the episode's climactic fight (time index 54:54 - 55:42) is re-used from an early scene in Daredevils of the Desert, a cue unofficially known as "Deception Chase". Other music is also re-used, such as the "Cairo / Pyramids / Ned" track from Curse of the Jackal. A short segment is used in the Staff of Kings games.

(Artwork: Promotional posterfrom drawings by Drew Struzanpainted by Mike Butkus.)

DVD StartDVD EndComposerSourceLengthTitleCatalogNotes
--------RosenthalOST#4 Romantic Adventures @ 0:00-1:200:01:2052 Plymouth Action (Old Indy Bookend)Bookend A
0:00:220:01:09RosenthalOST#4 The Bridal Gown @ 0:00-0:470:00:47DVD Titles
0:01:090:01:30RosenthalOST#4 The Bridal Gown @ 1:29-END0:00:21Familiar themes
0:01:300:03:36Rosenthal0:02:06"Her name is Giulietta"
0:03:360:05:22RosenthalOST#4 Love And War @ 0:00-1:490:01:46WarGEMA 3779115-001
0:05:140:05:23Traditional0:00:09La Tarantella Napoletana (trad.)
0:05:240:05:44Nat D.Ayer0:00:20Oh, You Beautiful Doll
0:05:420:07:15RosenthalOST#4 Romantic Adventures @ 3:08-4:580:01:33Romantic Adventures
0:07:150:09:12RosenthalOST#4 Romantic Adventures @ 1:20-3:090:01:49Romantic Adventures
0:09:120:11:00Rosenthal0:01:48"You'd better get with it, young man"
0:11:000:13:02Rosenthal0:02:02"Love is like war, Indy"
0:14:130:15:57Rosenthal0:01:44"Where are the others?"
0:16:300:19:05RosenthalOST#4 Romantic Adventures @ 4:05-END0:02:35Romantic Adventures
0:19:050:20:54RosenthalOST#4 Love And War @ 2:00-END0:01:49LoveGEMA 3779115-001
0:22:150:24:45Rosenthal0:02:30"It's gotta come from you"Cafe source?
0:25:080:26:04RosenthalOST#4 Deserters @ 0:00-END0:01:10GEMA 3779117-001
0:26:040:27:57Camille Saint-Saëns of the Animals - The SwanDiegetic ("source")
0:28:340:29:30Andrea Bocelli - La donna è mobileDiegetic ("source")
0:30:150:31:50Rosenthal0:01:35"Invited both of them... you've ruined everything!"
0:32:400:34:15RosenthalOST#4 Spaghetti @ 0:00-END0:01:50SpaghettiGEMA 3779118-001
0:34:350:35:25???0:00:50??? (trad)Ernie and Guilietta's duet
0:35:250:36:22Rossini0:00:57William Tell OvertureDiegetic ("source")
0:37:010:37:33Stephen Foster + ???0:00:32Beautiful Dreamer + ???Diegetic ("source")
0:37:330:37:39Rosenthal0:00:06(short interlude)
0:37:390:38:20RosenthalOST#4 Romantic Adventures @ 3:17-3:580:00:41Romantic AdventuresGEMA 3381178-001
0:38:200:39:44Rosenthal0:01:24Itching powder and other mischief
0:40:290:42:19RosenthalOST#4 The Bridal Gown @ 0:00-END0:01:50The Bridal GownGEMA 3779119-001
0:42:500:43:05RosenthalOST#4 Love & War @ 0:00-0:150:00:15War
0:43:050:45:50RosenthalOST#4 Arrivederci Indy @ 0:00-3:080:02:45Arrivederci IndyGEMA 3779121-001
--------RosenthalOST#4 Arrivederci Indy @ 3:08-END0:00:31Tale Told, Lesson Learned?GEMA 3779121-001Bookend B
--------RosenthalTV Broadcasts0:00:40End Credits TVEnd Credits TV
0:54:540:55:42RosenthalLIJ1 RA_CAIROSTREETS_D_ACT (1:19) Re-use from Daredevils of the Desert0:00:48Climactic Fight
1:16:001:16:33RosenthalSOK mu32r1la (Wii), INDY_762 (PS2)0:00:33Edith and the SheikhMore music missing from source.
1:31:401:32:55RosenthalDaredevil's "Final Showdown" is reused here.
??????RosenthalDVD0:01:07End Credits DVDEnd Credits DVD