Chapter 14: Espionage Escapades

This chapter was originally two separate episodes:

Barcelona, May 1917

This episode, scored by Laurence Rosenthal, is represented by 6 tracks on the Volume 1 soundtrack.

21. Boulevards Of Barcelona (1:31)
22. Picasso And Diaghilev (3:03)
23. The Dressing Room (2:25)
24. The Contessa  (6:45)
25. Ballerina In Bondage (3:01)
26. Lead For Breakfast (4:40)

The adventure game Revolution, from the first DVD set's bonus disc, includes 3 tracks (4 minutes) of music from the episode.

Prague, August 1917

None of the score by Laurence Rosenthal for this episode has been officially released, but his promotional CD set Music for Television includes the track "The Amazing Flight of the Filing Cabinet" from this episode.

22. The Amazing Flight of the Filing Cabinet (Prague 1917) (2:19)

The end credits of the DVD use 1 minute of music from the episode's score, and the Staff of Kings games use about two minutes of music (heavily edited) from the climax of the episode.

DVD StartDVD EndComposerSourceLengthTitleCatalogNotes
*0:00:00*0:00:52RosenthalOST#1 Boulevards of Barcelona @ 0:00-0:510:00:52Microphone TroubleBookend A
*0:00:52*0:01:29RosenthalOST#1 Boulevards of Barcelona @ 0:51-0:1:280:00:37Mad Spanish ArchitectsBookend A
0:00:230:00:50RosenthalOST#1 Boulevards Of Barcelona @ 0:00-0:270:00:27Boulevards Of Barcelona
0:00:510:00:57Rosenthal0:00:06Park Güell Interludewhere is this from?
0:00:570:01:26RosenthalOST#1 Boulevards Of Barcelona @ 0:55-1:240:00:29Boulevards Of Barcelona
0:01:260:01:32Rosenthal0:00:06Interlude (from ???)familiar extra Bistro guitar
0:01:320:01:43RosenthalOST#1 Boulevards Of Barcelona @ 0:32-0:430:00:11Boulevards Of Barcelona
0:02:230:04:16RosenthalRevolution - Store2/Cafe (2:16) @ 0:07-2:140:02:07Bistro Guitar
0:04:340:05:13RosenthalOST#1 Picasso And Diaghilev @ 0:02-0:410:00:39El Ballet Ruso Poster
0:05:140:06:09Rosenthal0:00:56Norman!traces of "Scheherazade - The Kalendar Prince"?
0:06:090:06:51RosenthalOST#1 Picasso And Diaghilev @ 0:42-1:240:00:42Picasso And Diaghilev
0:07:050:07:48Rosenthal0:00:43Drop Your Trousers!
0:07:480:08:59RosenthalRevolution - Map10:01:11Barber Shop
0:10:080:10:30Rimsky-Korsakov0:00:28Igor, To The Left!Scheherazade - The Kalendar Prince
0:10:430:11:07Rimsky-Korsakov0:00:36No Russian Russianspiano from "Scheherazade"
0:11:080:11:19Rosenthal0:00:11Olgaguitar strums
0:11:070:12:41RosenthalOST#1 Picasso And Diaghilev @ 1:36-END0:01:34Nadia and Colonel Schmidttraces of "Scheherazade"
0:12:420:14:01Rosenthal0:01:19Submarine Spotting
0:14:010:14:11Rimsky-Korsakov0:00:10Ballet PracticeScheherazade - The Kalendar Prince
0:14:290:16:49RosenthalOST#1 The Dressing Room, The @ 0:00-END0:02:20The Dressing Room (2:23)traces of "Scheherazade"
0:16:500:17:07Rosenthal0:00:17Love Letter Subterfuge
0:18:110:18:46Rosenthal0:00:35Paella Is My Favourite Dish
0:18:470:19:52Rosenthal0:01:05Paella Dinnerviolin
0:19:530:26:29RosenthalOST#1 The Contessa @ 0:00-END0:06:36The Contessa (6:42)traces of "Scheherazade"
0:26:290:27:21Rimsky-KorsakovStooTV0:00:52Scheherazade - The Sea and Sinbad's ShipExcerpt
0:26:210:27:29Rimsky-KorsakovStooTV0:00:08Scheherazade - The Kalendar PrinceExcerpt
0:27:290:28:51Rimsky-KorsakovStooTV0:01:22Scheherazade - The Young Prince and The Young PrincessExcerpt
0:28:510:33:45Rimsky-KorsakovStooTV0:04:54Scheherazade - Festival at Baghdad. The Sea. The Ship Breaks against a Cliff Surmounted by a Bronze HorsemanMedley arr: Rosenthal
0:35:190:35:36RosenthalRevolution - Extra0:00:16Duel Accepted
0:35:370:38:14RosenthalOST#1 Ballerina In Bondage @ 0:00-2:370:02:37Ballerina In Bondage (2:59)
0:38:340:41:15Rosenthal0:02:49We've Got To Tell The Truth!
0:41:150:41:57RosenthalOST#1 Lead for Breakfast @ 0:00-0:420:00:42Lead For Breakfast (4:39) traces of "Scheherazade"
0:42:260:43:11RosenthalOST#1 Lead for Breakfast @ 0:36-1:230:00:46Lead For Breakfast (4:39) traces of "Scheherazade"?
0:43:110:45:20RosenthalOST#1 Lead for Breakfast @ 1:25-3:300:02:05Lead For Breakfast (4:39) traces of "Scheherazade - The Kalendar Prince"
0:45:210:45:39RosenthalOST#1 Lead for Breakfast @ 3:30-3:490:00:19Lead For Breakfast (4:39)
0:45:390:45:54RosenthalOST#1 Lead for Breakfast @ 3:58-4:120:00:15Jolly Good Effort
--------RosenthalOST#1 Lead for Breakfast @ 3:50-4:200:00:30American Congress of NeurologyBookend B
--------RosenthalTV0:00:39End Credits TV
0:45:550:47:06RosenthalRevolution - Store2/Cafe + MORE0:01:11Brief On Colonel ClouseauLinking Segment - Medley of familar themes
--------Rosenthalopening shot (missing on DVD): Barcelona track???
0:47:060:49:30RosenthalThis Call is of Vital Importance
0:49:300:50:30RosenthalEspionage Escapades DVD Credits 0:00-:1:00A Train to Catch
0:50:300:50:58RosenthalOn the Train
0:50:580:51:37RosenthalPlaying Glasses
0:51:370:52:47RosenthalOnly Contact Me When There is a Problem
0:53:130:53:53RosenthalWhere is the Phone?
0:53:530:57:25RosenthalMinistry of Telephones
0:57:251:00:50RosenthalDon't Lose the Formfamiliar themes
1:00:501:04:06RosenthalMinistry of Police
1:04:061:05:53RosenthalThis is Very Serious
1:07:491:10:25RosenthalGuilty as Charged
1:10:551:11:59RosenthalAdministrative Error
1:11:591:14:05RosenthalMinistry of Insurance
1:15:161:18:32RosenthalDefeated by Bureaucracy
1:18:321:20:53RosenthalMusic for TelevisionThe Amazing Flight of the Filing CabinetGEMA 12861075-001, Sabam 19536454
1:21:221:24:44RosenthalTelephone Installers
1:24:411:30:13RosenthalSOK mu01r7la (Wii), INDY_686 (PS2) 1:59:00Connecting the CableSOK source is heavily edited, missing approx. 3 mins of music.
1:30:571:32:20RosenthalAnswer It
Rosenthal0:00:40End Credits TVEnd Credits TV
1:32:201:33:52RosenthalDVD End Credits DVDEnd Credits DVD