Fan Soundtracks

On the Raven, we've talked about creating unofficial "fan soundtracks" with custom artwork, liner notes, and play lists. This page is for bashing on them.

Volume 0

We're reserving "Volume 0" for the soundtrack to Curse of the Jackal, scored by Laurence Rosenthal. The soundtrack has not been released, but some details have leaked and parts have been re-recorded or re-used in various forms.


By InexorableTash, using Drew Struzan's promotional poster for the YIJC premier

Liner Notes

Track Listing

Museum / Princeton 06:58
Cairo / Pyramids / Ned 11:52
Nile Journey 01:29
The Curse 01:23
Entering The Tomb / Murder / The Jackal 12:51
Mystery Solved 05:44
Museum Part 2 00:57
Drive South  01:26
Columbus Raid 01:38
Dress Chase 01:29
Pancho Villa / Remy 02:50
Airplane Attack 01:49
Army Camp / Indy Joins The Revolution 06:27
Demitrius Found 00:55
Cantina - Patton 02:49
The Train / City Attack / Retreat  09:14
Escape / Search Called Off / The Camp 01:05
Jose's Death 00:25
Hearst Hacienda / Silent Movie 01:48
News Reel / Chicken Lesson / Letter From Ned 04:56
Remy and Indy Plan 01:14
Recovery of the Jackal / Sunrise Meeting / Museum Part 3 06:32

Volume 5

To avoid any confusion, "Volume 5" is reserved for the Curt Sobel promo with the Transylvania, 1918 score - plus anything we ever find from Istanbul, 1918.


by MDew:

by Laserschwert, based on VHS cover art by Mike Butkus:


Volume 6


TBD. Should focus primarily on Trenches of Hell and Oganga 

by Junior Jones (all Oganga):

Liner Notes

A Lucasfilm Ltd. Production
Producer: Rick McCallum
Created by George Lucas
Produced in Association with Amblin Television and Paramount Television
         Album Credits         

Florence, 1908 
Music Composed by Laurence Rosenthal

India, 1910
Music Composed by Laurence Rosenthal

Travels with Father
Music Composed by Laurence Rosenthal

Somme, 1916 / Germany, 1916
Music Composed by Frédéric Talgorn

Verdun, 1916
Music Composed, Conducted and Produced by Joel McNeely

Paris, 1916
Music Composed, Conducted and Produced by Joel McNeely

German East Africa, 1916 / The Congo, 1917
Music Composed, Conducted and Produced by Joel McNeely

Somme, 1916 / Germany, 1916 - The Trenches of Hell

The Battle of the Somme was one of the bloodiest events during the First World War, with nearly one million soldiers wounded or killed. Indy has been left in charge of the 9th Belgian Infantry after the commanding officer was killed in an unseen adventure. Indy suspects his fellow soldier Jacques of murder. Placed under the command of French lieutenant Alain Moreau, rivalry between the Allied troops and within the unit seem to be a bigger threat than the Germans, until the horrors of trench warfare are revealed.

Facing artillery and machine gun fire, gas attacks and flamethrowers, any advance the Allies make is quickly lost again. Haunting themes from musical score help to set the tone of the episode, with tense confrontations, bloody battles, and the terror of attackers emerging out of the clouds of smoke and gas. This is one of the few Young Indiana Jones episodes not scored by Laurence Rosenthal or Joel McNeely. Instead, the score was composed by Frédéric Talgorn, a well known French film score composer best known for his genre works such as Delta Force 2Fortress, Robot Jox, and Heavy Metal 2000.

Talgorn also composed music for the second half of this two part adventure, which starts after 
a victory in battle at the Somme quickly turns to defeat and Indy's capture by German forces. Participating in a foiled escape attempt, Indy - who has assumed yet another identity - is sent to a maximum security prison at Dusterstadt. There, he meets an international assemblage of fellow captives with a variety of schemes in mind for escaping the escape-proof jail, including a young but intensely thoughtful Charles de Gaulle, who later become the leader of France. Everyone wants Indy's help to break out, but failing means learning some painful lessons.

Talgorn's score captures the tone of the episodes perfectly - bone chilling themes played during the battlefield attack with gas and fire, and suspenseful queues while infiltrating the German tunnels, and later during Indy and de Gaulle's escape attempt. Working from notes by Joel McNeely, Talgorn also composed a score to the episode Paris, 1908, but the score was not used.

German East Africa, 1916 / The Congo, 1917

Although portions of Joel McNeely's score for German East Africa, 1916 and The Congo, 1917 were already presented in Volume 2, there is a wealth of music in these episodes, later edited together into Oganga: The Giver and Taker of Life, which bears revisiting.

The new music includes the introductory segments of the episodes, sadly excised by the film edit Oganga: The Giver and Taker of Life. The introduction to German East Africa, 1916 shows an older Indiana Jones confronting modern prejudice. In the adventure itself, Indy is forced to commit treason against his commanding officer to save the life of a young child as his troops march overland; the survivors of that ordeal are faced with a deadly journey five hundred miles downriver by boat to retrieve weapons needed to hold off a German advance. 

The introduction to The Congo, 1917 has an older Indy remarking about the power of individuals to enact change, and the struggle to save lives. Indy's troops attempt the return by boat but succumb to illness and are saved by the ministrations Albert Schweitzer - a German citizen who rejects the artificial divisions between people invented by governments. This episode marks a turning point for Indy; up until his encounter with Schweitzer he was fighting what he believed was a just war, despite often being tasked with nonsensical orders. Schweitzer's "reverence for life" fresh in his mind, being faced with sets him on a different path - trying to end the war by taking a more active role. McNeely blends Mozart's Clarinet Concerto and J. S. Bach's Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring into the score while the episodes show Indy awakening to a deeper understanding of the world.

Florence, 1908 • India, 1910 • Travels with Father  Verdun, 1916  Paris, 1916

Tracks from a few other episodes are featured to round out the selection. First, Rosenthal's contributions to a younger Indy's early adventures, including a romantic theme from Florence, 1908, playing ball in India, 1910 and exploring the heart of the Russian people with Tolstoy in Travels with Father, which Rosenthal included on his Music for Television collection. Finally, more tracks from McNeely's scores to Verdun, 1916 and Paris, 1916 are featured, which were not included on Volume 1.

Track Listing

Main Title: Laurence Rosenthal
Young Indiana Jones Fanfare 0:55

Florence, 1908: Laurence Rosenthal
Attraction is a Law of Physics (Florence 1908) 1:23

India, 1910: Laurence Rosenthal
Indian Rules (India 1910) 0:47
DVD Credits (Journey of Radiance) 1:16

Travels with Father: Laurence Rosenthal
Tolstoy Among the People (Travels with Father) 3:09

Somme, 1916 / Germany, 1916: Frederic Talgorn
Book Fight / Lt. Moreau Takes Command (Somme 1916) 1:35
Artillery Fire Begins (Somme 1916) 0:42
To the Battle (Somme 1916) 1:48
Flames of Horror (Somme 1916) 1:31
Lancers of Death (Somme 1916) 0:49
Tunnel / Behind the German Lines (Somme 1916) 2:36
Suspense (Somme 1916) 2:47
Main Title - Somme (Germany 1916) 2:27
Now's Our Chance (Germany 1916) 1:50
Run! (Germany 1916) 1:03
Painful Lessons (Germany 1916) 2:12
Let's Bury Some Stiffs (Germany 1916) 3:40

Verdun, 1916: Joel McNeely
Do Any of You Speak German? (Verdun 1916) 1:11
Return from the Mission (Verdun 1916) 0:51

Paris, 1916: Joel McNeely
Your Leave Has Been Canceled (Paris 1916) 0:54

German East Africa, 1916 / The Congo, 1917: Joel McNeely
A Stray Bullet (German East Africa 1916) 1:38
It's Treason, Segeant! (German East Africa 1916) 1:50
500 Miles Down River (German East Africa 1916) 1:39
Bee Sting / Dutch Boy (Congo 1917) 1:36
Our Situation is Desperate (Congo 1917) 1:49
Delirious Indy (Congo 1917) 2:38
My Name is Albert (Congo 1917) 1:31
The Chief's Son is Dying (Congo 1917) 1:04
Waving Goodbye (Congo 1917) 0:43
Ronstand's River Arrest (Congo 1917) 0:32
Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring (Congo 1917) 1:20

Volume 7


TBD: Hawkmen / Austria

Liner Notes

A Lucasfilm Ltd. Production
Producer: Rick McCallum
Created by George Lucas
Produced in Association with Amblin Television and Paramount Television

         Album Credits         

Attack of the Hawkmen 
Music Composed by Joel McNeely

Austria, 1917
Music Composed by Laurence Rosenthal

Russia, 1917
Music Composed by Laurence Rosenthal

Barcelona, 1917
Music Composed by Laurence Rosenthal

Prague, 1917
Music Composed by Laurence Rosenthal

Attack of the Hawkmen

Following his meeting with Albert Schweitzer in the Congo, Indy decides to take a more active role in bringing the war to an end. He and his friend Remy forge papers to join the French Secret Service, and Indy is assigned to the Lafayette Escadrille in Ravenelle as a reconnaissance photographer. Flying low and slow over enemy lines is a high risk assignment.

Despite the danger - or perhaps embracing it - the pilots including French ace Charles Nungesser are a rowdy, adventurous bunch and the action is joined to an equally exciting and Emmy-award winning score by Joel McNeely. While on a mission, Indy's plane is forced down and he and the pilot are captured by none other than Baron Manfred von Richthofen, soon to be known as the "Red Baron". 

After Indy's escape, the classic tunes Garryowen and The Young Aviator Lay Dying are sung by the pilots, and Indy is a closer witness than he'd like to more dogfights as the battle with Richthofen becomes personal. But of course Indy survives his mission, and returns to Paris.

Indy's next assignment is to intercept Dutch aircraft designer Anthony Fokker, brilliant young designer of the famed Dr.I Triplane. His mission: to deliver a letter enticing Fokker to work for the Allies. Dropped by parachute into Hanover by Charles Nungesser, Indy is called upon to use his training as a spy, but misses his appointment with Fokker and must pursue him to Ahlhorn. Attempts to deliver the letter to Fokker while in transit are accompanied by more of McNeely's score, turning from the boisterous adventure to the spy thriller.

In the base at Ahlhorn, Fokker shares his motivations - freedom to design his machines, not nationalism. His objective complete, if not successful, Indy takes advantage of his camera to photograph the Forssman triplane bomber, an ungainly craft but capable of reaching New York from Europe. When he is discovered, the firefight leads to an explosion in the Zeppelin sheds, doing catastrophic damage and destroying the bomber in an action-packed climax evocative of his later theatrical adventures. Indy escapes back to Hanover on a motorcycle, and then flies back to Paris with Nungesser - full throttle and no brakes.

Austria, 1917

Indy's adventures as a spy continue as he is tasked with escorting Prince Sixtus and Prince Xavier to bring the French terms for a separate peace negotiated with Charles I of Austria. This tense thriller borrows heavily from the look and mood of noir films, notably The Third Man. The princes and Indy must cross the border from neutral Switzerland to Austria by train, and are nearly discovered.

Russia, 1917 • Barcelona, 1917 • Prague, 1917

After a brief stop in Russia, we return to Barcelona - already featured prominently on Volume 1. Here, espionage is given a lighter tone in a slapstic episode, followed up the dark comedy of Prague where Indy comes face to face with Kafka.

Track Listing

Attack of the Hawkmen (Ravenelle/Ahlhorn, 1917) Joel McNeely
This Will Never Work (Ravenelle 1917) 1:48
Photographic Session (Ravenelle 1917) 1:59
Indy's First Dogfight (Ravenelle 1917) 1:03
Welcome to Germany (Ravenelle 1917) 1:01
Do Any of You Speak German? (Verdun 1916) 1:11
Truck Fight and Biplane Escape (Ravenelle 1917) 2:54
Off to Paris (Garryowen) (Ravenelle 1917) 0:38
Dogfight with the Red Baron (Ravenelle 1917) 2:28
Out of Danger (Ravenelle 1917) 2:38
Arrival in Hanover (Ahlhorn 1917) 1:24
Serving Schnapps / The Camera (Ahlhorn 1917) 1:37
Note in Pocket (Ahlhorn 1917) 0:10
Ran Into Some Trouble (Ahlhorn 1917) 1:06

Austria, 1917: Laurence Rosenthal
Get One Thing Straight (Austria 1917) 1:07
Arriving at the Swiss/Austrian Border (Austria 1917) 1:32
Sixtus' Papers (Austria 1917) 0:32
Mistaken for Someone Else (Austria 1917) 1:08
Wrong Compartment (Austria 1917) 0:40
Friends of Frederic (Austria 1917) 2:15
Mr. Max (Austria 1917) 0:27
To the Dungeon (Austria 1917) 0:53
Rooftop Chase 1:54

Russia, 1917: Laurence Rosenthal
The Bridges of Saint Petersburg (Russia 1917) 1:35

Barcelona, 1917: Laurence Rosenthal
Bistro Guitar (Barcelona 1917) 2:16
Barber Shop (Barcelona 1917) 1:19
Duel Accepted (Barcelona 1917) 0:23
Scheherazade Medley (Barcelona 1917) 7:22

Prague, 1917: Laurence Rosenthal
A Train to Catch (Prague 1917) 1:02
The Amazing Flight of the Filing Cabinet (Prague 1917) 2:19

Volume 8


TBD: Daredevils / Peacock's Eye

Liner Notes

A Lucasfilm Ltd. Production
Producer: Rick McCallum
Created by George Lucas
Produced in Association with Amblin Television and Paramount Television

         Album Credits         

Daredevils of the Desert 
Music Composed by Laurence Rosenthal

Treasure of the Peacock's Eye
Music Composed by Steve Bramson

The Winds of Change
Music Composed by Joel McNeely

Mystery of the Blues
Music Composed by Joel McNeely

Hollywood Follies
Music Composed by Laurence Rosenthal

Daredevils of the Desert

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Treasure of the Peacock's Eye

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The Winds of Change • Mystery of the Blues • Hollywood Follies

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Track Listing

Daredevils of the Desert (Palestine, 1917): Laurence Rosenthal
Assault on Gaza 1:08
Deception Chase 0:45
Meinertzhagen's Plan / These Documents are Real 2:16
??? / Riding with Ned 1:07
Talking with Ned / One More Question 2:14
Gaza or Beersheba? 0:45
Desert Brigands 2:35
A Trader in Fine Goods / The Wells are Rigged 2:22
Bit of a Gallop / First One Over the Trench Wins 1:32
Re-Wiring the Wells / Final Showdown 1:18
DVD Credits (Tales of Innocence) 1:07

The Treasure of the Peacock's Eye: Steve Bramson
The Letter (Extended) 2:39
Stories Concerning Antiquities 1:13
Goodbye For Now 0:59
Finding the Treasure (Part 1) 0:30
Finding the Treasure (Part 2) 0:33
China Sea & Musical Number 1:16
Our Diamond is Getting Away 3:52
Faraway 0:33
It Stops Here 3:02

Winds of Change: Joel McNeely
The Future is Here 1:00

Mystery of the Blues: Joel McNeely
DVD Credits (Mystery of the Blues) 1:27

Hollywood Follies: Laurence Rosenthal
Chariot Race 1:39
Broadway To Hollywood 2:26
Indy, Let's Go! 0:40