Cue Lists

This next section of the website contains unofficial fan-made cue lists that detail and analyze each and every individual piece of music within all twenty-two episodes of Young Indiana Jones. Cue lists (also known as cue sheets) are used extensively in film and television productions to document a detailed list of valuable score information such as crediting the composers, documenting the official cue numbers and titles, etc. Often times these are written by the composers themselves or other music editors working on the project. These cue lists are not made available to the public, so therefore we have created unofficial fan-made cue lists for this website. The purpose of the cue lists on this site are somewhat different to professional cue lists. Here, the idea is to consolidate all of the information into one place to make it easier to spot what cues are available from each source.

Each cue list includes the following details: name of the composer, start and end timecodes, track duration, track names (either from the OST releases or from fan-made suggestions), source columns indicating if each cue is available, catalog numbers from online music licensing databases, and YouTube links for listening. The "notes" column serves a wide range of purposes from simple observations, to fun facts, to marking diegetic music written by other composers, and more. The rows highlighted in "orange" include the analysis of music from the Old Indy bookend segments. Additionally, some episodes contain short scenes of music with minimal amounts of sound effects which are marked on the spreadsheets as "Minimal SFX on DVD". It's important to take into account that all of those tracks are unofficial and fan-made. Therefore, they are not included in the official research on this site or in the collection of unreleased tracks.

The graph below details the amount of music that is available, in minutes, from each episode. With 22 episodes, 90 minutes each, it's a lot of music!