Chapter 16: Tales of Innocence

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This chapter was originally two separate episodes.

Northern Italy, 1918

A total of 6 tracks from this episode's score by Laurence Rosenthal are present on the Volume 4 soundtrack release. There are many re-uses of the music in the episode, any many sequences in the episode without a score (e.g. when the characters are performing music) so most of the episode's score is covered by these tracks.

17. Romantic Adventures (6:43)18. Love And War (3:50)19. Deserters (1:11)20. Spaghetti (1:51)21. The Bridal Gown (1:51)22. Arriverderci Indy (3:40)

Morocco, 1917

None of this episode's original score by Laurence Rosenthal has been released.

The cue used during the episode's climactic fight (time index 54:54 - 55:42) is re-used from an early scene in Daredevils of the Desert, a cue unofficially known as "Deception Chase". Other music is also re-used, such as the "Cairo / Pyramids / Ned" track from Curse of the Jackal. A short segment is used in the Staff of Kings games.