Chapter 17: Masks of Evil

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This chapter was originally two separate episodes.

Istanbul, September 1918

None of this episode's score by Joel McNeely has been released.

Transylvania, January 1918

The only episode scored by Curt Sobel. While no official soundtrack has been released, a promo CD by Sobel has been widely bootlegged as part of an expanded Last Crusade score or as a "Volume 5" Young Indy soundtrack. This includes the entire score, including bookends.

01. Trick Or Treat (1:27)02. Venice / Fortune Teller (3:46)03. Briefing / Assignment: Vlad (3:51)04. Off to Romania (3:09)05. Meeting Nicolas (2:34)06. Climbing Every Mountain (2:58)07. Castle Heights / Hanging Corpses (2:49)08. Lightning (3:39)09. Dripping Blood (1:48)10. Death in Your Pocket (2:15)11. Ice Room (1:46)12. Vlad the Impaler (1:36)13. Dinner Anyone? (1:58)14. Lull Them to Sleep (2:21)15. Towers of Tortures (2:45)16. Bloodletting / Stabbed in the Back (2:29)17. Resurrected / Indy Fights Vlad (1:51)18. Four Roads Meet (0:38)19. Forest Reckoning (0:34)20. I'd Stake His Life On It / Halloween (2:10)