Chapter 17: Masks of Evil

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This chapter was originally two separate episodes.

Istanbul, 1918

None of this episode's score by Laurence Rosenthal has been released. The opening credits and TV credits provide about two minutes of music from this otherwise unreleased score.

Transylvania, 1918

This is the only episode scored by Curt Sobel. Even though this score is not featured on one of the original four OST albums, a limited edition promotional CD was released by Curt Sobel in the 1990's featuring 20 tracks (nearly 46 minutes of music). This contains 100% of the score including music from the Old Indy bookends.

01. Trick Or Treat (1:27)02. Venice / Fortune Teller (3:46)03. Briefing / Assignment: Vlad (3:51)04. Off to Romania (3:09)05. Meeting Nicolas (2:34)06. Climbing Every Mountain (2:58)07. Castle Heights / Hanging Corpses (2:49)08. Lightning (3:39)09. Dripping Blood (1:48)10. Death in Your Pocket (2:15)11. Ice Room (1:46)12. Vlad the Impaler (1:36)13. Dinner Anyone? (1:58)14. Lull Them to Sleep (2:21)15. Towers of Tortures (2:45)16. Bloodletting / Stabbed in the Back (2:29)17. Resurrected / Indy Fights Vlad (1:51)18. Four Roads Meet (0:38)19. Forest Reckoning (0:34)20. I'd Stake His Life On It / Halloween (2:10)

The LEGO Indiana Jones and Staff of Kings games feature Sobel's score quite extensively. Most notably, an alternate version of the track "Dripping Blood" is featured in the Staff of Kings game.

Episode 56 of The Indiana Jones Universe Podcast features a score review for this episode.

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