Chapter 14: Espionage Escapades

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This chapter was originally two separate episodes:

Barcelona, May 1917

This episode, scored by Laurence Rosenthal, is represented by 6 tracks on the Volume 1 soundtrack.

21. Boulevards Of Barcelona (1:31)22. Picasso And Diaghilev (3:03)23. The Dressing Room (2:25)24. The Contessa (6:45)25. Ballerina In Bondage (3:01)26. Lead For Breakfast (4:40)

The adventure game Revolution, from the first DVD set's bonus disc, includes 3 tracks (4 minutes) of music from the episode.

Prague, August 1917

None of the score by Laurence Rosenthal for this episode has been officially released, but his promotional CD set Music for Television includes the track "The Amazing Flight of the Filing Cabinet" from this episode.

22. The Amazing Flight of the Filing Cabinet (Prague 1917) (2:19)

The end credits of the DVD use 1 minute of music from the episode's score, and the Staff of Kings games use about two minutes of music (heavily edited) from the climax of the episode.