Chapter 10: The Phantom Train of Doom

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The Phantom Train of Doom

This episode's score by Joel McNeely is extremely well represented by 11 tracks (nearly 34 minutes of music) on the Volume 4 soundtrack.

06. Welcome To Africa! (1:04)07. The Wrong Way Train (2:05)08. Veldt Voyage (1:39)09. The 21st Royal Fusileers (2:16)10. The Old And The Bold (2:22)11. Tally Ho (3:21)12. Chasing The Phantom Train (3:55)13. The Phantom Train Of Doom (8:07)14. The Caper Continues (2:15)15. The Native Battle (2:34)16. Indy Hijacks The Balloon (4:15)

Despite a substantial score release, most of the music is rearranged in the actual episode itself with lots of different renditions appearing all throughout the score.

Soundtrack review of this score is featured in Episode 27 of The Indiana Jones Universe Podcast.

Promotional poster by Drew Struzan and painted by Mike Butkus