Chapter 15: Daredevils of the Desert

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Palestine, 1917

This was the only 90 minute chapter that was not made by combining two separate episodes or a two part story. Instead, enough deleted scenes existed to edit a 45 minute episode into a 90 minute version along with newly shot footage. As a result, the music for this episode was substantially changed for the DVD version and music from The Curse of the Jackal was reused in a few scenes.

None of this episode's score by Laurence Rosenthal has been released. Over 18 minutes of music from the episode is used in the LEGO Indiana Jones games, the Staff of Kings game, the DVD documentary credits, and the DVD end credits.

Playlist of tracks on YouTube

Soundtrack review of this score is featured in Episode 47 of The Indiana Jones Universe Podcast.

Promotional poster by Drew Struzan and painted by Mike Butkus