The Curse of the Jackal

Also known as the "Movie of the Week", Young Indiana Jones and the Curse of the Jackal was the two-hour (with commercials) pilot for The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, featuring a two-part story set in both 1908 starring Corey Carrier as 9-year-old Indy and in 1916 starring Sean Patrick Flanery as 16-year-old Indy. Bookends were included featuring George Hall explaining what happened before and after the two-part adventure. When re-edited into chronological order for video releases as The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones, the pilot episode was split into two parts, forming the first half of Chapter 1: My First Adventure and the second half of Chapter 6: Spring Break Adventure.

Since the score was composed by Laurence Rosenthal for the pilot movie, it makes sense to consider the music as it originally aired. None of the music from the episode has been released. The track names below are courtesy of an anonymous source (it is unknown if these are official or simply speculation).

Advertisement for the series by Drew Struzan.

While the score has not been released, a few parts have been reused in other areas:

  • Part of the track "Cairo / Pyramids / Ned" was reused in the My First Adventure DVD credits and in a scene from Daredevils of the Desert also featuring Indy talking with Ned (available from the LEGO Indiana Jones video game).

  • Part of the track "Army Camp / Indy Joins The Revolution" was re-recorded as part of the Best of the West CD release.

  • And finally, the track "Dress Chase" is a variation on the Young Indiana Jones theme itself, a portion of which is used in the closing DVD credits to Spring Break Adventure.

Will the music as recorded for the episode ever be released? Ford A. Thaxton (an industry insider) explained in a post on the Film Score Monthly forums that the score for The Curse of the Jackal was recorded in the United States with members of the American Federation of Musicians. To release the score, new licensing fees would need to be payed to the players. In contrast, Thaxton writes: "the scores for the series were recorded in Germany and other places that didn't have any new usage fees." Laird Malamed (former assistant sound editor on YIJC) comments that " least in my time on YIJC, no scores were recorded in Germany. Prague was the main location with some done in Australia." Presumably, this explains why the original soundtracks feature music from episodes other than the pilot, and why the music is not utilized in any of the games except where already reused within the series itself.