Chapter 06: Spring Break Adventure

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This chapter was originally two very separate episodes.

Princeton, February 1916

This episode's score by Laurence Rosenthal is represented by 3 tracks (15 minutes of music) on the Volume 3 soundtrack.

26. Princeton Days (5:09)27. Tom Swift and His Electric Runabout (7:03)28. The Senior Prom (2:47)

Mexico, March 1916, or The Curse of the Jackal, Part 2

The continuation of the Curse of the Jackal score by Laurence Rosenthal has never been released.

The Best of the West CD contains a re-recording of part of the score (a night scene in Pancho Villa's camp).

15. Die Abenteuer Des Jungen Indianer Jones (The Adventure of Young Indiana Jones) (3:25)

See the Curse of the Jackal page for more information.