DVD Collection

The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones DVD Collections (2007 - 2008)

Any true Young Indy fan has these. In addition to the episodes, the DVD collections contain a wealth of unreleased music ... if you know where to look. 

Adventure Games

Each of the bonus discs contain a desktop adventure video game which can be installed on Windows or Mac OS:

All of these games feature an extensive soundtrack - most of which is stock music as well as previously unreleased music from Young Indy. After installing the game, the files are located on your hard drive in C:\Program Files\Young Indy Adventures\Revolution in subfolders like "audio" or "assets". This time, music is implemented using a series of shockwave flash animation files (SWF) as well as audio files (MP3). Most of the MP3 files are character dialog, but the Revolution game contains MP3 files with just music tracks. For the Special Delivery and Hunting for Treasure DVD games, music can only be found in the SWF files that contain audio. Due to the size of the DVD disc, the audio also had to be compressed to a lower quality bitrate, which means some of the tracks are available in lower quality. Luckily though, unlike the LEGO Indiana Jones games, the majority of these tracks are presented in "film version form" meaning they are usually the full unedited cues from each episode. These files are easily convertible to MP3 format using a program such as Cloud Convert. The same principle from the LEGO Indiana Jones games can be applied here to create your own personal soundtrack.

Interactive Timeline

The final disc in each DVD set is an interactive bonus disc, which functions as a DVD-ROM. The "Interactive Timeline" application features a 3 minute track from Young Indy that plays on repeat while fans can browse through the timeline feature. It contains an MP3 file that can be found in \common\Timeline\Assets\mp3\bgAudio.mp3. This combines three separate tracks; one from Attack of the Hawkmen [0:00-1:23], Demons of Deception [1:23-2:22], and Treasure of the Peacock's Eye [2:22-3:33].

DVD Documentaries

The entire Young Indiana Jones DVD collection contains 94 historical documentaries that were put together by Lucasfilm and then sold to the History Channel. The documentaries themselves contain lots of material from the Young Indy scores as background music which is listed extensively during the closing credits. Most of the other music appears to be stock music rather than original material, however the end credits to the documentaries feature a handful of tracks from Young Indy that have never appeared in any other sources. Using an MP4 screen recorder such as Bandicam, the music becomes easily convertible to an MP3 file. 

DVD Credits 

Each episode has 60 to 90 seconds of music that plays during the closing credits without sound effects. This is usually music from the corresponding episode's score. Often times it's from the OST releases, but in some cases it is an unreleased cue directly taken from the episode. The opening credits also use a few tracks that have minimal sound effects playing over the score. Using an MP4 screen recorder such as Bandicam, the music becomes easily convertible to an MP3 file. 

DVD Bonus Features Completed Track Breakdown

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