Chapter 18: Treasure of the Peacock's Eye

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This was the only episode scored by Steve Bramson, and samples of the score can be found on his web site's Young Indiana Jones page:

  • One Last Adventure
  • The Letter
  • Finding the Treasure

His previous web site, which is now offline, featured four 30s samples: Finding the Treasure (Part 1 and 2), Faraway and The Letter.

Several full tracks from the score were also used in the interactive game present on third DVD set, Hunting for Treasure, and the Interactive Timeline on the Bonus DVD in each set also uses a track from the score, yielding at least 13 minutes of music. Another two minutes or so of music is used in the Staff of Kings games. In addition, a few short segments of the episode feature music without extraneous sound effects.

VHS cover, from drawings by Drew Struzan, unknown painter.