Chapter 21: The Scandal of 1920

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New York, 1920

Both segments of this two part story were scored by Joel McNeely. This episode's score is represented by 15 tracks (nearly 27 minutes of music) on the Volume 3 soundtrack.

01. Rhapsody in Blue / Traveling to New York (2:40)02. Scandal Walk (1:28)03. Kate the Poet (4:01)04. Rehearsal Montage (1:05)05. Harem Dance, Beachball Dance, Clamshell Ballet and the Tap Dance Finale (1:12)06. Meeting Peggy / New York Arrival (3:06)07. Somebody Loves Me (1:14)08. Sounds Like Perfection to Me (0:57)09. Gloria's Grand Entrance / The Penthouse Tango / Rhapsody in Blue (2:32)10. Tum On and Tiss Me (2:25)11. Backstage at the Scandals (1:05)12. A Poem for Indy (1:51)13. Swanee (1:38)14. The Tap Dance Rehearsal (0:44)15. She's Wonderful, Too (0:44)

In 2011, composer Joel McNeely collaborated with director Seth MacFarlane on an original jazz album called Music Without Words. The final track on the album is a rendition of the cue "She's Wonderful Too" from this episode!

Episode 75 of The Indiana Jones Universe Podcast features a score review for this episode.

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