Chapter 11: Oganga: The Giver and Taker of Life

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German East Africa, 1916 & Congo, 1917

Both segments of this two part story were scored by Joel McNeely. This episode's score is represented by 6 tracks (nearly 22 minutes of music) on the Volume 2 soundtrack.

07. Desert Trek (3:20)08. Morning (4:08)09. Desert Storm (4:15)10. Arrival At Port Gentil / Death Of Bartelomy (4:57)11. Albert Schweitzer, Prisoner Of War (2:25)12. Schweitzer Says Goodbye (2:34)

An additional 17 minutes of music is used in the LEGO Indiana Jones game, the Special Delivery DVD game, the Hunting for Treasure DVD game, the Staff of Kings game, one of the DVD documentaries, and the end credits. The opening battle sequence was also extended in the DVD version relative to the TV broadcast version, and 2 minutes of music from the The Phantom Train of Doom was used to extend the score. This episode also features adaptations of famous classical pieces by Bach and Mozart.

Episode 31 of The Indiana Jones Universe Podcast features a score review for this episode.

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