Chapter 8: Trenches of Hell

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Somme & Germany, 1916

Both segments of this two part story were scored by Frédéric Talgorn. None of the score has been officially released. Talgorn's YouTube channel has posted the "Trenches of Hell" Symphonic Score (linked below) with 33 minutes of music (although 5 minutes appear unused in the episode). In addition, approximately 18 additional minutes of music from the score is used in the LEGO Indiana Jones games, the Staff of Kings game, the Revolution DVD game, two of the DVD documentaries, Talgorn's website, the TV broadcast credits, and the DVD credits.

In 1997, composer Frédéric Talgorn was hired by the music publishing company DeWolfe Music to compose an album for their music library. One track in particular titled "The Attack Begins" seems to be directly influenced by the track "Now's Our Chance" from this episode!

Episode 20 of The Indiana Jones Universe Podcast features a score review for this episode.

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