Chapter 7: Love's Sweet Song

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This chapter was originally two separate episodes.

Ireland, 1916

This episode's score by Laurence Rosenthal is represented by 5 tracks (nearly 23 minutes of music) on the Volume 4 soundtrack.

01. Welcome To Ireland (5:12)02. Maggie (5:17)03. Fight In The Bakery (2:11)04. The Uprising (5:29)05. A Terrible Beauty (4:35)

For the DVD release, the opening credits of the episode provide about a minute of additional music.

London, 1916

This episode's score by Joel McNeely is represented by 7 tracks (nearly 16 minutes of music) on the Volume 2 soundtrack.

13. Oxford (0:24)14. Countryside Courtship (1:29)15. Zeppelin Attack / Meeting Vicky (2:01)16. War Of Words (3:25)17. Suffragette Meeting (1:55)18. Celtic Love (2:55)19. Proposal / Reunion (3:54)

Episode 17 of The Indiana Jones Universe Podcast features a score review for this episode.

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