Chapter 20: Mystery of the Blues

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Chicago, 1920

This is the only episode to feature music by John Williams including "The Raiders March" and "Desert Chase". This appears during the bookend scenes with Harrison Ford.

The rest of the episode's score by Joel McNeely is fairly well represented with 10 tracks (nearly 28 minutes of music) on the Volume 3 soundtrack.

16. Sweetie Dear (2:33)17. My Handy Man (3:02)18. Warehouse Battle (6:33)19. 12th Street Rag (3:02)20. Blue Horizon (3:00)21. Corrupt Police (1:41)22. I'm a Little Blackbird (3:21)23. I Can't Believe You're in Love with Me (1:25)24. Tiger Rag (2:27)25. Twinkle Dixie (0:53)

The CD track arrangements provide the full cues of music which is different than the sample based scoring that was used in the episode. Most of the episode is full of source music and renditions of famous jazz pieces originally composed by other musicians. Several parts of the episode also feature live performances of music with almost no sound effects at all, while the DVD and TV credits also provide an extra three minutes of music from this score.

Promotional poster, from drawings by Drew Struzan, painted by Mike Butkus.